203 A Weird Specimen

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Along the road, Li Du realized that the Amish were not what he imagined. They were not a close-knit community of people who survived by supporting each other.

The Amish lived in an open environment; their houses were not centralized, but scattered, and there was no proper village or any community areas.

As they rode along the way, he saw some Amish houses near Flagstaff. They were scattered amongst the homes of the average citizen, and everyone lived together.

It was simple to differentiate Amish and more common households, mainly because of the cars and electrical wires that most houses had in front of them. There was often a barn behind Amish houses, and there were also often small black carriages, either in the back or front yards.

However, Amish or not, the road stretched in front of every house.

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