204 Integrity

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Hans rode fast up to the house on the motorcycle. There was a lot of dust on the road, and he looked cool when the dust cloud formed as he rode by.

Li Du saw him and said, "You should ride slower. This is a motorcycle for God’s sake! Are you trying to kill yourself?"

"You think I was riding too fast?" Hans laughed cheekily. "There are many carriages that use this road—that’s why there’s so much dust. "

He saw Li Du about to argue, and quickly said, "Okay, brother, calm down. Let’s have a look at the goods. You asked me to come quickly. Is it because you saw something great?"

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Li Du said, "It might not be great, but I like it very much. It’s a specimen of a big bird."

"What big bird is it?" Hans asked. "Is it an emu, an ostrich, an Andean condor?"

Li Du brought him to the front yard of the Amish household. He pointed toward the skeleton specimen and said, "That’s the one—I have no idea what bird it is."

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