Transmigration: The Narcissistic CinderellaTransmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella

Transmigration: The Narcissistic Cinderella

by ShinSungmi

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"You are really cute when you act impulsively." "You mentioned to me on how being loved by you is harmful, but what if I want to get harmed really badly? Please love me, Moon Jiwoo." °°° When the villainous Moon Jiwoo had a foolish death, she was provided with a second chance to live in the body of Shin Daerin. However, there was a catch to it. She was required to protect Oh Sookyung— the current prince to the Underworld. From the very beginning, Jiwoo's personality did not go along with Sookyung's. She hated how the man always made fun of her and brought trouble to her. Many times, she even wanted to strangle him. He was insufferable! However, after many clashes between both of them, she found him to be more bearable than before and started to think of him as someone pleasant. She took him to be a little brother of hers. But what if he did not have same feelings as she had towards him? What if he wanted to pursue after her? Will love bloom between two who were not meant to be together? °°° FOR THE ROMANCE PART, IT IS ADVISABLE TO SKIP TO SECOND VOLUME. MORE INFORMATION ON THE AUXILIARY CHAPTER 'READ BEFORE STARTING', SO PLEASE READ THAT! THANKS! HAVE A FUN TIME!

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