28 Sabaody

A week passed since he arrived at Boin Archipelago.

Blaize was enjoying his time here; training, eating, and sleeping. The stomach baron didn't disturb him again, it remained still without closing its petals.

The foods on the island helped him a big time. It increased his constitution attribute by nearly '0.8' points. Blaize then used his remaining '0.5' free attribute points on the Constitution attribute raising it past the '20' bar limit.

[~ Name: Blaize Hunt

Occupation: Marine

Constitution: 20.1 [Strength: 20.1, Speed: 20.0]

Devil Fruit Potential: 20.1

Haki: None

Items in storage: None

Free attribute point: 0 ~]

Now, both his attributes now broke through the '20' bar limit. The major change came from his constitution, his body now brims with overflowing vitality and strength.

His stamina, endurance, and physical abilities have been greatly enhanced. It also elevated his command over the devil fruit powers.


Blaize decided to leave the island today. In a week, Heracles became his good friend. From him, he learned several fascinating things about rare plants and fruits.

After tasting every food on the stomach baron, he lost interest in them. Furthermore, it's time for him to move on. After all, the number of pirates he hunts this month determines his marine rank.

Higher the rank, the greater the freedom. He certainly doesn't plan on working under another officer. Also, the system rewards him with attribute points for either capturing or killing the pirates. An easy way to improve his strength.

"Blaize'n, here. I think this will help you to reach the next island." Heracles said and gave him an eternal log pose. Letters 'Fishman island' was carved in it. "Following this course, you can reach sabaody."

"How did you get this, Heracles'n?" Blaize asked adding 'n' to the words like his friend.

"Occasionally some pirates, bandits, or thieves turn up here. Most of them won't survive here for a day. If they are good ones I will lend a hand, if not, I will ignore them.

I acquired this item from a pirate, a bad one."

"Good job! I will come back and visit you when I have free time. It's a nice place to enjoy a vacation." Blaize stated and jumped onto a small raft.

This raft was made by him by gathering different items on the island. It had a weird blaster connected behind the boat, similar to Ace's striker raft.

Blaize made it with his own knowledge and available materials so it's clumsy. Using too much of his devil fruit power will destroy it, but with perfect control, it will do the job and carry him to sabaody.

Saying goodbye to Heracles, Blaize transferred the heat to the engine nozzle which in turn propelled the raft forward. In a second, he disappeared from Heracles view.


After half a day of riding, he reached the sabaody Archipelago as the raft was guided by his devil fruit powers. What greeted him is huge mangroves spread with floating spherical bubbles.

'These Mangrove trees are really huge.' Blaize mused. With a few seconds gap, new bubbles sprouted from the ground.

Docking his small raft, he jumped onto land and looked around while the number '37' written on the huge tree attracted his attention.

'Isn't between 30-39 where the Sabaody Park is located?' Blaize knew this place is filled with bubble-based devices and amusement parks.

But he wasn't interested in them. He directly walked towards the lawless area 1-29. Fortunately, his sense of direction isn't as dense as Zoro so he easily arrived at the location following the numbers.

The restaurants are the simplest way to gather intel about the recently arrived infamous pirates. After probing a local resident, Blaize arrived at 'Grove 8' where a famous restaurant is located.

This particular restaurant is famous among pirates, bounty hunters, and slave traders. Ordering a jug of wine, he occupied a table at the center and listened to the drunk men's babbles.

In a matter of a few minutes, he gathered some valuable intel. Due to Fisher Tiger freeing the slaves, the sabaody is in constant unrest recently.

Though it's been nearly three months since it happened, the sabaody is still affected. High-ranking Marine officers frequently visit the island in search of escaped slaves.

Still, it didn't obstruct the pirates in any way from visiting this island. The only thing that has to be taken into account is the world nobles and their regular visit.

To make up the lost slaves, the celestial dragons come here to either capture or buy new slaves. One had to be careful roaming the street as there's a possibility they will run into them.

But will Blaize worry about this? No. It's the world nobles that have to be mindful and refrain from provoking him. He may not be powerful enough to confront the Admirals, but he's more than capable of running away from one as he's just a single person.

Aside from this, Blaize heard a big pirate crew has arrived on sabaody with a total bounty of the crew reaching 230 Million berries. The marines named them as 'DemonBear' pirates.

The reason for their high bounty is because the crew has two devil fruit users. Their captain, DemonBear Ridge, earned a bounty of 150 million berries with astounding battle strength.

Having eaten the Kuma Kuma no mi[Bear Bear fruit], his strength isn't to be underestimated. His zoan-type devil fruit granted him terrifying strength and solid defense.

It was said that his thick hide is impervious to swords and pistols, none has succeeded in breaking his skin to date. He will definitely become a threat once he enters the New World.

Aside from him, their vice-captain is also a formidable man with a 70 Million bounty. He's also a devil fruit user who ate slash-slash fruit. It was said he wields a hatchet that can cleave even steel.

Blaize also overheard their ship was docked in Grove 27, a port area. In the original series, it's where Kizaru began his attack.

Without a doubt, they are waiting for their ship to be coated before setting sail. Well...now they can forget about it since they are targeted by Blaize.

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