336 Vol 2. Prologue (I)

It was raining heavily, like bullets falling on roofs unceasingly, accompanied by loud thunders. It was supposed to be good afternoon as there were no signs of rain earlier morning. The sudden outpour of rain and flashes of lightning were out of people's expectations.

The sky was covered with heavy clouds, shrouding the land in darkness and rain.

In the ancestral cemetery of the once famed legendary Lu family, a man in a black suit stood lonesome in front of a tombstone. Even with the ferocious winds and loud thunders surrounding him, he stood there unfazed. 

Only his pale shaking lips and trembling fingers revealed that the man was frozen cold. 

However, it was not just because of the chilly pouring rain that drenched him from head to toe, soaked to the skin.

It was because he, who had never exposed his inner feelings in front of anyone before, finally showed the grief and anguish that he had kept bottled up for so many years.

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