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This Clueless Hero


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Sometimes I wonder if I should be thankful. Sometimes I wonder if I’m secretly in hell, atoning for some grave sin I’ve done. I’ve already done so much, what more can you ask from me? I’m starting to lose hope and I’ve long forgotten the reason I am fighting. Whatever is happening, I’m just so tired. When will this end? ... From the cracks of space, a small group of people are summoned into a magical world. They are told it is a world of peace, where the Demon King has long since stepped down. However, the deplorable lurk in the depths of society, and the main character that sees this first hand will soon discover that the peace between humans and demons is more fragile than he thought. The main character holds no prior memories and must learn these lessons by dying and coming back to the start when he was first summoned. He listens to the stories of the people around him. His companions share their insecurities and outlooks on life, giving him direction. He finds the courage to challenge the world and all of the suffering that comes with it. Slowly, he discovers the secrets of this world and finds out his past self was far more terrifying than he initially thought. ... Hey, author here. I just wanted to give you a better idea of the overall theme of the story. This story is one of suffering and giving up. I try my best to go into detail on why we suffer and how it happens. However, what I mainly focused on, is to give people a reason to keep moving, to try again. If nothing else, this novel will be written for me. But, if you feel like you are in a hole and can't get out, consider delving into this novel, even if it's only the free chapters. ... Disclaimer: This image does not belong to me. If anyone knows the artist, or if asked to take it down, please contact me and let me know