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Read This Clueless Hero novel written by the author Disgrace on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, weaktostrong, mystery. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Sometimes I wonder if I should be thankful. Sometimes I wonder if I’m secretly in hell, atoning for some grave sin I’ve done. I’ve already done so much, what more can you ask from me? I’m starting to lose hope and I’ve long forgotten the reason I am fighting. Whatever is happening, I’m just so tired. When will this end? ... From the cracks of space, a small group of people are summoned into a magical world. They are told it is a world of peace, where the Demon King has long since stepped down. However, the deplorable lurk in the depths of society, and the main character that sees this first hand will soon discover that the peace between humans and demons is more fragile than he thought. The main character holds no prior memories and must learn these lessons by dying and coming back to the start when he was first summoned. He listens to the stories of the people around him. His companions share their insecurities and outlooks on life, giving him direction. He finds the courage to challenge the world and all of the suffering that comes with it. Slowly, he discovers the secrets of this world and finds out his past self was far more terrifying than he initially thought. ... Hey, author here. I just wanted to give you a better idea of the overall theme of the story. This story is one of suffering and giving up. I try my best to go into detail on why we suffer and how it happens. However, what I mainly focused on, is to give people a reason to keep moving, to try again. If nothing else, this novel will be written for me. But, if you feel like you are in a hole and can't get out, consider delving into this novel, even if it's only the free chapters. ... Disclaimer: This image does not belong to me. If anyone knows the artist, or if asked to take it down, please contact me and let me know

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Ight this novel be shte m8. Ok, but for real, this is a novel that really doesn't belong on this site. Unlike most novels which are fast-paced and pump you up dopamine, mine is closer to the opposite. This novel deals heavily with the character development of someone that has many issues (e.g. inferiority complex, lack of self-confidence). The main character ends up listening to other people a lot. This ranges from their motivations, stories, and insecurities. The main character is someone who does not have any memories and is heavily influenced by the things others tell him. He is quite foolish, in that he makes many mistakes. Some of which end up in his death, which makes him have to start all over again. The start especially is quite sad, involving various conversations that are roughly based on depression. As the novel continues, the main character will decide to challenge things instead of hiding and slowly overcome everything. Over this process, I plan for the main character to find new worries, insecurities, and philosophical problems he has to solve. As he slowly saves the world, he will also learn about himself and who he was before this road of insanity.


TL;DR : A great book that might not be fast paced, but definitely isn’t slow paced. A lot of focus on character interaction and growth with a by no means a small amount of action in there. I think the author balances many of the elements really well, which gives it a very refreshing feel. I’m on ch 19 and i have to say, this novel as got me excited. It’s not fast paced, and when i originally heard that, I wasn’t expecting much, but after reading how in depth some of the conversations go and how real the main character seems, I was blown away. Tbh, some things don’t make sense to me, I don’t know if it’s just me or it wasn’t explained well enough, but after enough re-reading, I always ended up getting it, but i had to think about it. Some of the stuff in here isn’t a “skim your way through and you’ll get the gist of it” especially in regards to magic, at least for me. However, visualizing everything is incredible. The author is very descriptive when it comes to the surroundings of the MC and makes you feel like you could be right next to him. If there was something I could say to the author, it would be that I’m not sure how the MC learns so fast, whether it be magical skills or physical skills. From what I have read so far, 19 chapters, he seems like he got the short end of the stick in just about everything, so I don’t know if he has great intelligence or if it is explained in later chapters, but I’m loving the novel so far. Honestly, this novel is awesome and I would totally recommend this to anyone who is interested in a bard’s tale. I’ve been seeing some similarities being drawn in video game novels where multiplayer games are more for players who are all about being the best or like fast paced stuff, while people who play offline games are about the story and taking their time. I wouldn’t say this is a slow paced novel, it knows when to focus on things and slow down, and when to speed up.


I only put one star as the author said that's what he wanted but if he/she had not said so this would be a 5 star review this novel is amazing.


I've never been good at reviewing, so ill just get straight to the point. I wont recite the plot or anything. This novel could use some work. This is a pretty good novel but honestly it needs a lot to help it suceed. I enjoy the plot a lot but a lot of it, mainly the world building could use some work. Sorry for the slightly useless review, but salutations author, I hope you contenue this story


Honestly wasn’t sure when I saw this and randomly added it to my reading list. As I simply look at titles and vaugely scan the summary’s when adding, but I can say I certainly enjoy it. The author is correct when saying it isn’t very fast pace, and actually fairly slow. Although enjoyable nonetheless, I love the characters and the slice of life aspect added with Re:Zero but the mc actually learns skills and gets stronger. I love that we get to see and learn about what the others have gone and are going through, plus the very real and raw emotion. I haven’t gotten that far yet (ch10) but so far the mc hasn’t made any unreasonable or illogical decisions and its very real to the situation. As anyone wouldn’t simply be able to plot armor their way out of most situations. And the anxiety and depression coupled with everything else the mc has makes him very relateable. I’ve always enjoyed stories like Re:Zero that have time relivant impliments where the mc comes back either constantly or is simply given a second chance. That and reincarnation/transmigration. Always very facinating concepts. Anyways, I thank the Author for sharing this wonderful story. And I recommend for others to go and give this a read as well! Though it may not be for everyone, it never hurts to simply check it out before deciding! Happy reading everyone!


TL;DR : This book has a unique setting and sticks with it, which makes me interested in other unique worlds. The world feels alive and full. The main character grows a lot, and the book allows room for the mc to grow even more. The elements of the book are balanced and everything has a nice flow to it so that you can read at a comfortable pace if you so choose, or binge read if you get hooked. After having caught up to the story at ch 74, I can definitely say I am in love with this novel. The pacing, character development, character interactions, and world setting are all fantastic. The story is set in a snowy environment, something the author commits to, and something I have never seen before. Some may say I haven’t read enough, but this is truly something I didn’t know I needed, much less wanted. Usually, I would think a snowy world would be bland and dreary, not much life or uniqueness, but the author gives this story a lot of life. The mc has no memories of himself or anything else and is trapped in a repeating cycle of death and rebirth, similar to a rouge-lite. Just like a player exploring a new game on hardcore, the only thing the mc keeps are his memories of the previous “run” and he tries to survive on his search for an answer. He may be clueless in the sense that he is naive, but he definitely isn’t dumb. He learns from his actions, and he grows from his experiences as he learns more about the world. You adventure into the world just like him and see him try to make the best of himself. The mc seems like a real person through all of this, he faces problems, sometimes trying to fight, sometimes running away, but you always get to know what he’s thinking and why he does what he does. He cries, he feels pain, he feels weak, but what I love most of all, and what I wish I could feel more of, is he has an overwhelming determination to get through everything. He always gets back up to keep fighting and living. I love how this no sense of plot armor, at leasts compared to many of the novels on this site, and the only “plot armor” I would say he has is his ability to restart. He shows determination and grit and never takes the easy way out just so he can start all over from the beginning. He trudges through the snow, trying to figure out where he stands in the world, befriending people where he can, and always trying to be nice. He isn’t a ruthless protagonist, nor is he cunning, he just keeps moving forward doing what he thinks is right. I am in love with his character, the world, and every other character that gets intorduced. Each character has a purpose, whether to make the world feel more full or to help the mc grow. There is no defined strongest so far in the book, no cultivation or any other tropes that always say “you killed the biggest guy? Well there will be a bigger guy hidden in the shadows that you didn’t even know about.” The world, for what it is, is very realistic, and so are the characters. No young masters or families one must not upset, only people trying to survive. Overall, after a long review many might not read, this book made me feel something special. The balance of every aspect of this book is so good, its almost unbelievable, and I for one can’t believe how the author manages to do it. The author doesn’t force anything and the story takes a natural flow. I can’t imagine how hard ot must be to write a book this solid, nor can I wait to read more from this book and see what else is in store (no pressure on the author).


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