They Both Love Me, But One is a Devil Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

They Both Love Me, But One is a Devil


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When Kate, a recovering addict, meets handsome, bad-boy Aiden, her resolve to stay sober lasts only until he tempts her with the Spellbinding: an intoxicating magic. But Aiden's ex-best-friend, Chase, won't stop warning Kate that Aiden is a Shade--a dangerous sorcerer. When Kate naively agrees to initiate into the Shades, and is compelled to do evil to those she loves, it's Chase who saves her life, and Aiden who threatens it--but still swears his love for her. Trapped in an ancient conflict between light and dark power, and good and evil men, will Kate give in to the dark allure of Aiden and his power despite the cost? Or will she choose the strong but gentle Chase, turning them both into targets for every dark magician in the modern world? CONTENT WARNING: Demonic creatures, occult magic/rituals, language, sexual situations. Cover Image used under the Fair Use provision of Section 101, Copyright Law of the United States (please message author for attribution or change.)


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