These Maddening Desires Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

These Maddening Desires


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"They say the first son of the Duke is cursed." Refusing the marriage was the last thing Rosé could do when facing her parent's and sister's request. But what if the man she had to marry was a cursed man who was rumored to feast on humans? Rose, an energetic young lady learned of her older sister's fondness of a man. In happiness, the young girl supported her sister's love and hope for a happy marriage until one day, their aunt came with an offer their family could never refuse where she would be wedded to son of the Duke, Dominic who was known to be bound with a curse— a curse where he would feast on humans every full moon. But it had once been said that a monster might not be the evilest creature there is in the world. As such Rose learned more about Dominic and the true monsters lurking around them. Perhaps what others know about Dominic is not what the truth is? An interesting fantasy story with twist. turns, and fiery passion.


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