21 Chapter 21

(25 BBY)

The conquered worlds in the unknown region have been integrated or are in the process of integration, they are or soon will be Mandalorians. It was more of a cultural conquest complimented by military one. We have spread from the initial few systems to over 100 well-fortified systems. This has also uncovered atleast 10 more garden worlds, whose conquest and integration are already underway.

When it's finally time. I plan to convert the translocated Mandalorian sector and a few other sectors to Military hubs as well. The expansion so far has been deep in the unknown regions, so it has gone unnoticed by the galaxy at large, and also thanks to the handiwork of the Sith everyone is quite distracted. Well, atleast for now. With the rate at which we are expanding we will eventually brush borders with the known galaxy.

Come 22 BBY I plan to expedite the expansion. My expansion will be mainly toward the south of the unknown region and will stop near the borders of the Chiss Ascendancy in the north. There won't be any space left for the future first order, I will most definitely take Illum and Jedah . I need the crystals as much as the Empire does. What's left of Zakuul and Ahch-To will also fall to me. Zakuulian steel will be a welcome addition. I have hyperspace enabled drone ships exploring the deep core as well. They have found Tython, Prakith and Bys so far. My people have started laying hyperspace buoys to crate an artificial hyper lane as well. I plan to turn Prakith and Bys into fortresses and the process has already started. The Empire will not have the deep core. Spy networks have also started to grow on Empress Teta. Let's just say, in the future there will be a violent uprising which will lead them joining the Mandalorian Federation.

Now though, I am heading to Kamino with my 'little' Flotilla. The Lucrehulks will remain hidden under ECM and cloaking fields in the outer reaches of the system, while I will take a Maxillipede to Tipoca city.

I walk to the conference room on the Big Bertha and connect the call to Jango through a secure Holo communicator I was able to smuggle to him. After a few seconds his holograph shows up. "What do you want Thrunn?" he asked. (He is the head of clan Fett now so he knows my identity and keeps it a secret)

"How is you sister doing?" I asked.

"She was messed up quite bad, but she has recovered quite a lot. What did you really call for. I know this isn't a social call," he answered.

"What I can't call to say hi?" I asked. He just stares at me. "Fine you are still on Kamino right?" he nods "I am on my way there. I am about to launch a little operation known as Skynet. I will need you to clear my landing near the cloning facilities. And I will need to speak with you"

"Is this an order from Mandalore or a request from a friend?" he asks.

I just laugh "Consider it a bit of both, but mostly the later" I reply. He just smirks.

(1 day later)

I enter Kamino's stormy atmosphere in my Maxillipede accompanied by Subail, ZEM and Vanzii along with 15 19STs. "This is Kamino air traffic control, please send clearance codes or you will be shot down".

"This is Nomad sending clearance codes now." I replied from the pilot seat. After a few minutes I get the all clear to land. I put the shuttle on auto land and turn to the crew. "Remember the plan boys. ZEM as soon as we land you take four of your boys and infiltrate their server rooms. Slice into it and copy everything. If you find the server with the coding for the control chips in the clone's heads, I want you to upload the virus I gave you. Make sure we have backdoors into their servers and defense grids. Then get out. 10 of you will split up into two-droid teams and provide overwatch for the infiltration team. The remaining droids will stay here and protect the shuttle. Subail and Vanzii will follow me into the facility to meet Jango. We are the distraction". I went over our plan. As soon as we landed the infiltration and overwatch teams went into stealth mod.

The ramp comes down and we exit. As we walk toward the entrance, we are greeted by Jango and a Kaminoan. I approach and give him my hand "Me'vaar ti gar?"

"Su alilve" he responds.

"This is Tuan We, Administrative Aide to the Prime minister of Kamino" he introduces me to the Kaminoan standing next to him.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance." I greet.

"I was quite intrigued when Jango said a friend is coming to visit. He claims you are a warrior of great prowess and have great influence among Mandalorians. And you and your forces are among the most elusive in the galaxy." said Tuan We.

"You could say that. Is there something you have in mind?" I inquired.

"Yes. We wish to hire Mandalorians to train the clones. The production rate will meet the demand of our client, but we fear they could use more training. And it just so happens you come highly recommended by Jango. Can that be arranged, we need proficient trainers, the price is not an issue, what we require is discretion" she requested.

"It can be arranged for the right price Mrs. Tuan We." I give her a data chip with the frequency to contact me, I carry a few around like business cards "You can contact me through the channel on that data chip. After you have finalized your requirements send the contract request to that channel".

"That will be helpful." She says taking the data chip "I shall leave you to your conversation. You shall receive the contract in the near future. May we have a fruitful collaboration. For now, I must leave, I have matters to attend to". She leaves me and the squad with Jango.

"Was that a good idea?" asked Vanzii.

"Oh yes. This way we can increase our influence on the clones and coverup our little operation. I will make sure the contract is a long term one." I said with a sinister smile. Then I turned to Jango "Let's continue this somewhere private. I heard you got a son now. Uncle Nomad comes bearing gifts" I say tapping the briefcase I was carrying.

"What nothing for me?" joked Jango.

"What, the vambraces and blasters weren't enough?" I asked sarcastically.

He just shakes his head "Let's take this to my quarters" with that he leads us into the facility.


Master has given me and my troops another infiltration mission. As soon as master exited the shuttle and started talking to the native organic, we snuck into the facility.

We sneaked past patrol after patrol of inferior cloned organics. After weaving through the corridors, we came up on the server rooms. The entrance was guarded by two clones and the area had security camera coverage. We won't be able to get in through the door without catching someone's attention. I had to cycle through the plans of the facility provided by master's friend. After a few minutes something catches my attention. There was a vent on the outside leading right into the server room. It will be time consuming but doable.

Me and my squad made it outside and started climbing the outer walls of the facility to reach the vent we needed. It was a tight fit; no organic will be able to access this point. But luckily for us we were no measly organic. We crawl our way through the labyrinth of ducts.

After about twenty minutes of navigating through the ducts slowly we finally reach the server room. Lucky for us there was no one within. We slowly drop in and move to search for our respective objectives. I had to find and slice into the server containing the coding for the clone organic's, neural restraining bolts. While the others were searching for access points to this facilities defense network servers. After scouring the room for a minute, I finally found it.

First, I hack the systems and copy the data. Then I install the virus master created. It was pure genius, and I am not saying that because it was master. This virus will make small changes to the codes. It will make them think and act like Mandalorians subtly. Even if they serve the republic it will be programmed deep into their consciousness, that they are Mandalorians. Initially they won't any deviation from desired traits that the Kaminoans intended. But as they gain experience their outlook on life and identity slowly changes. They will be thus attracted more to Mandalorian culture. And after they have gained certain level of experience there is a certain chance of small number of elite clone organics to defect naturally and join the Mandalorians. Another thing this virus changed is a particular order. It was originally.

//Executive Order 66

This order on being invoked by the Supreme Chancellor calls for the complete eradication of the traitorous Jedi;

Order cancelled only by the chancellor.


This was changed to

//Executive Order 66

This order when invoked by the Supreme Chancellor calls for the immediate execution of all Jedi for treason;

Jedi in the data packet {Jedi list} are to be discretely helped to escape stating {reasons}.

/ Sub: Order 66-1A

Units will discretely facilitate the evacuation of younglings and {Jedi List} from the temple;

Units will extract all data from Jedi archives and cloning facilities to be delivered to Mandalore;

Units will destroy all cloning facilities and DNA samples due to {reasons}.

/Sub: Order 66-1B

When war is declared over all {units} will return home to Mandalore;

If the republic as it is ceases existing and new regime in the {list} is formed, all {units} will return home to Mandalore;

When droid armies' stops being a threat all {units} will return home to Mandalore.

/ Sub: Order 66-1C

The order can only be revoked by the chancellor;

When revoked all units will return to Mandalore;

Vode An;

Darasuum glory par Mandalore.

(Data on Exempted Jedi)


Even if the codes are somehow changed, the virus will auto correct them to the new ones. Even if clones can't erase the data, the virus will also erase all genetic data of Organic Jango Fett from archives, when either the war is over or the code is invoked. It will also make most of the veteran clone organics and those stationed in key places to defect. I estimate near 60% defection rates. All that will be left for the rest of the galaxy will be the greenest of the troops. Master is quite clever.

Now that the objective here is over, it's time to slice into and create backdoors on the other servers and exfiltrate afterwards.

(POV Thrunn)

Jango leads us through the facility, showing us the different cloning and training facilities. Meanwhile I am positive ZEM and his squads will complete their objectives undetected. And by agreeing to the prime minister's request for Mandalorian trainers I can coverup the changes to their coding to a large extend.

We finally reach Jango's quarters. "Olarom brokar ner yaim.�� says Jango as we enter. My eyes suddenly fall upon the Jango' son. "Gar ad'ika?" I asked.

The boy suddenly steps up and says "Ijaat brokar urcir gar Mand'alore." I have to say I was impressed already. "Ijaat brokar urcir gar evaar'la Boba." I reply. Then I turn to Jango "You have taught him well."

Then I call Boba over and hand him the briefcase. "This is small gift for you. An advanced vambrace that only I create. While not as advanced as the ones my squad uses, it's still leaps and bounds above any other ordinary vambrace".

The kid was excited. He tried to hide it, but his eyes said it all.

"And Jango another reason I came was to pass on a warning. Be careful when dealing with Count Dooku. As far as I have gathered, he is a Sith and his master is either someone highly placed in the senate or has all of them in their pockets. So, if they try to contract you, run it by me first. Somethings are about to be set into play, and I would rather not have our people directly dragged into it"

We then spent a few hours talking about intelligence gathered and just sitting around drinking. The main purpose of our visit was being carried out by ZEM and his squads. Once I get the signal that the mission was done, we will depart immediately. While we were sitting around, Tuan We sent a contract for the trainers. She works quite fast it seems. It was quite lucrative as well, so we signed it after making some small alterations. I will have a small force of night owls stationed here to teach the clones to be warriors.

Another thing I was able to get out of this visit were the initial six clones produced. They were deemed failures and were marked for termination. But what I saw were six diamonds in the rough. I was able to convince Tuan We to hand them over. I adopted them into clan Eldar. They are going to be receiving top level training on Eldith as well as the best augmentations and armor. And if they so desire, they can undergo surgery to alter their appearances. They will be the first ghost squads to exist outside my team.

(General Ghost unit armor - https://in.pinterest.com/pin/46443439882483907/)

(24 BBY)

Later as my flotilla was slowly moving back through the outer rim, I got a contract request from a particular jedi turned Sith. It was Mr. Immaculate himself, Count Dooku. Apparently, he wanted me to covertly kill some Sith on Korriban. Might as well, but I left the condition that his agent must come to us with the credits, to collect the merchandise, we will await him near the edge of Serenno.

After a weeks' time, my fleet appeared over Korriban. From the intelligence we received Granta Omega was currently in the old Sith academy with over a dozen of his wannabe acolytes. I didn't want to waste time so I deployed a large contingent of droidekas, 19STs and B1s along with the full teams of trained troops. Since the commerce guild is located very far away from any former Sith infrastructure, I don't have to fear anyone detecting my operation. I used this opportunity to refine my anti-force user doctrines. I would use the droids to test them, but actually integrating troops into those formations gives them experience, along with useful data. It will then pass the data onto the military academies for them to utilize in the training of my forces. I went with three or four units equipped with Gungan type deployable shields and units with heavy repeating blasters right behind them, they would be accompanied by flame throwers for annihilation protocols and sonic weapons for capture protocols.

In this case it was flamers. A legion of droids accompanied by my troops drop right on top of them and using tactics long forgotten by the current galaxy, threw their defense down the shitter. The acolytes and Omega held their ground initially. But were steam rolled to death soon after. I did lose a few dozen B1s, but they will be repaired in the Servitors later. When ZEM, HK and the 19STs along with my troops started deploying counter tactics the defenders lost their footing. Even me and the squad joined in, killing Sith using these tactics. Ofcourse it was for collecting data, and not because it was fun, not at all.

We then scoured the temple for any artifacts. We found atleast five Sith holocrons, old scriptures and tablets as well as two old Jedi holocrons. Good, I can trade the jedi artifacts with Grakkus to get more property on Nar Sheda.

Three days later my little fleet of juggernauts is waiting at the edge of Serenno system, waiting for our client's agent to arrive. Soon a Maxillipede shuttle approaches and land in one of the hangars of the Big Bertha. Apparently, the Count sent a protocol droid accompanied by a few B1s. Quite clever of him. We exchanged the body of Granta Omega and the Sith Holocrons for the very heavy box of credit for our service and our discretion. The box of credit was scanned for any tracking device, which there was, and removed. Looks like the count wanted to track our movement. But what surprised me was that the protocol droid in charge of the exchange, it was one of those we had sold to the Trade federation. Well good to know I might be getting some good intel on the Count.

After a few more months, the ball finally starts rolling. Count Dooku's smug was plastered all over the holonet. Apparently, he took over a holonet relay station for his momentous speech. He officially declared the creation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Let the dominoes fall. Let them squabble while I build up in the unknown.

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