137 [Novel Update] - 13/03/2022

Hey guys,

before you get worried at this sudden ominous update chapter, im not dropping the novel or anything. As a matter of fact its the complete opposite.

At this point I've written about 250k words for this novel, way way over the amount I ever expected to write. I've become invested in the story, the characters ive created and changed and the story as a whole is something I cherish creating.

However recently I have started to notice that my writing feels off. I just sort of gathered it was writers block at first but then I started to look back and read my own novel. Theres many parts I liked writing and think still are good to this day and theres parts that I look at and instantly go "That was a bunch of shit".

Regardless reading my own novel back was a good experience and taught me the one thing I did wrong. I wrote the novel in a third person perspective. I wrote as the narrator sculpting Oz's story. The problem with this is that I like to have Oz think heavily about a lot of situations. You know the parts where he's all like:

'I wonder what x and b and y is'

Looking back honestly this novel should have been written in first person. From the perspective of Oz. This is the first major criticism i give myself. Honestly I think if I wrote in first person instead a lot of characters and character building would be improved. Characters like Craig I shoehorned in I would be able to flesh out a lot more.

As for the story though, I still enjoy and love it with high opinion of the core idea I have centered around Merlin and the founders alongside expanding the wizarding world outwards. The ideas I have for the future are also somethings I truly value.

So heres the where im heading towards... I've decided to do a rewrite. I'm doing this solely as I'm so attached to this story and want it to be the best of the best and to be something I'm really proud of even if it is just a fan-fiction. Even if I am abandoning this version and the views it has I will still be content as I dont care about all that, I only care about writing a novel I enjoy writing. Its why I rated my own novel 1 star in the beginning anyway, to show that ratings and such don't mean anything to me. If people like the novel then awesome, if not then there's plenty more better ones out there.

This was a very hard decision to make however after writing the first couple chapters of the rewrite I instantly realised it needed to happen.

Honestly I planned from the very beginning to treat this version of the novel as a sort of 'draft' and rewrite eventually. When I read back I started making notes about what I wanted to change and wanted to keep. The main core of the story I wanted to stay the same however certain developments and characters I wanted to change or get rid of completely (Looking at you Salazar portrait).

So heres the plan. The rewrite will have the same main plot however the characters, the story will have major changes. Its at the level where I cant just tweak this one which I originally planned to do, it needs to all go back to formula. (Insert Norman Osborn)

The name of this rewrite will also be different. Instead of calling the novel 'The Wizard called Oz' I've decided instead to call it:

'Harry Potter and the Descendant of Merlin'.

Hits different doesn't it? When I first wrote the novel I actually never planned for Merlin to be the centre piece. I just wanted to write a OP magic guy running around and blasting death eaters. So the name was 'The Wizard called Oz' as I thought it was clever play on words. Now however I think Harry Potter and the Descendant of Merlin is miles better considering Merlin is the core of the story.

So to sum it up. I've already created a new novel on this site called Harry Potter and the Descendant of Merlin. When this 'update' chapter goes live I'm going to post the first few chapters and all of you can judge the difference in quality and see if the story flows more interestingly. Since I already know where im going catching up to this one wont be too difficult of a task it will just take time and I plan to invest a lot of time into doing so.

Recently I got a new job so now im not job searching like I was before I can sink my evenings into doing this rewrite which will also mean it will catch up quicker.

I understand that some of you will be upset by this turn of events however for this novel to improve and become something I can be proud of its a necessary thing for me to do. I hope you can all give the rewrite a chance when the first couple chapters are dropped.

Thank you for reading my novel up to this point, I hope the rewrite will please you all as well as myself.