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The Witch Hunt


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What is The Witch Hunt

The Witch Hunt is a popular web novel written by the author AteJanz, covering MAGIC, WITCH, FANTASY, SPELLS, DEITIES, PROPHECY, CHARM, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 360K readers with an average rating of 4.65/5 and 19 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 138 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


-Volume 1: Deities vs. The King- Born in a chaotic world where Witch Hunt serves as the bread and butter to most mortals living in Gilead- whose sole purpose is to kill every living being known to be born with magic powers, correctly known as 'Deities' but mortals prefer to call them as 'Witches'.... A young deity was pre-destined by the supreme deities to kill the tyrant king of the Gilead Empire and to put an end to this Witch Hunt system set by the government. And her name will be... Charm. === -Volume 2: Deities vs. The Pope- Having experienced a near-death situation from the hands of the government itself, eighteen-year-old deity Lianne came to realize how mortals have been deceived by the Church to believe in their lies for them to raise their weapons against their kind... thus making her want to destroy the customs and beliefs set by the Church to convince mortals that they are not what they thought them to be with the help of her newly-found friends along the way... and to bring down the Pope once and for all! *** Author's Note: This book will consist of three volumes (subject for change) Volume 1- Deities vs. The King Volume 2- Deities vs. The Pope Volume 3- Deities vs. Deities (coming soon) Book cover art by: HARURI Discord accnt: AteJanz#0657 Instagram account: ate_janz


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Hi! This is me, the author of Witch Hunt giving myself a shameless review. I am still a newbie writer, so please if you have suggestions, I'm really open for constructive criticisms for me to improve in my future books. ❤️ So, what to expect from this story? Well, I'll say you can expect an action pack story which involves magic... and not-so-cheesy romance as it's subplot. I hope you may feel from here the importance and true power of friendship, and the importance of making wise choices. 😁 Thank you for reading my story. Ciao ❤️


This is a great story. It has a good and stable plot. Great characters and writing style. And I prefer fantasy stories so I'm interested in it. I'm still continuing to read it so keep it up.


Dear author ,your synopsis makes the book so mysterious that it pulls one into directly reading the story to know more about the story and the character Charm . Hoping to read more and get engrossed in the story.


my only problem with this book is WHEN WILL YOU DO THE MASS RELEASE!!! 🤤🤤🤤 give us those reader a daily dosage please of reading your books please or we will riot 😈








The fantasy that revolves around the witches and sorcerers are really exciting! You might never know what will happen next, all you have to do is sit back and tune🤗


Witches!!! I love them. Your story line has great potential. There's a great improvement in your writing in the succeeding chapters. I wish to see more of the story, please update soon!


Ang ganda ng story kakaexcite bawat scenes, hoping for love scenes or bed scenes sana pero okay lang mahilig ako sa fantasy at romance pero maganda pala pag sabay more Ms. A😍


I'm a person who loves the fantasy genre this story has a bright future the scenes are incredible you can picture it clearly hopefully, people must read this story xoxo


I'm already inlove with writer, and i also love the story charm resemble her at times but i like how the story was telled cant wait to finish this. ❤❤


Just read the story of this book and I’m already in attachment with it. Unquestionably in love with Charm’s personality!! Neglecting the typos and any grammatical erroneousness, in the opening, I was so on!! The transcendent story, author!!


I forgot to include my review! The story was great, character was well develope and the world was very interesting. I only have some issue about how the story unfold which is sometimes a little bit predictable so I hope you will include some surprising moments in your future chapters, also more exploration pleeaseee. It was a great book made by the author, you can really sense the efforts given by the author when writing this book


I like how the story is written, I'm a fantasy lover so I'm gonna read all the way through added it in my library keep up the good work hehe.


I love how detailed it is, that it made me imagine every single detail of each part of it. The story flow is also good and the first chapter will immediately get you hooked into the story. I love it!


Just read the initial chapters of this book and I’m already in love with it. Absolutely in love with Charm’s personality!! Ignoring the typos and a few grammatical errors in the beginning, I was so hooked!! Great work author!! 😊


I like the intro 😍 It's already captivating.. hehe, excited to read it and added it to my reading list. A must try 😍♥️ Go Jan! Namiiii hehe, aja!




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