The Wife of the Wealthy Family Is Fierce and Cute.

A woman from ancient times falls in love with her soulmate. Chu Luo is the most powerful High Priestess. She is like a celestial being, able to peer into the secrets of heaven and sever life and death. Her skills in medicine and poison are the best in the world. One day sudden death greets her and she is reborn in the body of a problematic girl who was about to graduate from high school and had planned to commit suicide by jumping off a building because of a failed confession. Her parents did not love her; her biological sister bullied her, and her classmates were violent… The corners of Chu Luo's lips curls up into a cold arc. 'Very good, anyone who dares to bully me will be killed without mercy!' … Later… The priest is only passionate about three things: 1. Being first place wins all kinds of certificate awards. 2. Specialize in all kinds of things and never admit defeat. 3. Act cute to Li Yan. … Li Yan is the king of the business empire. He is cold-blooded, heartless, and has a violent temperament. He disregards his family and is called the Devil in private. Legend has it that a few years ago, he burned away half of his family with a fire. Because of this, he was cursed and his legs became disabled. … Later on… Everyone is horrified to discover that the Devil and the Demoness are together! The Devil has even become a crazy wife-doting demon! Scenes: Master Li: "My Luoluo's body is delicate and expensive. If anyone dares to bully her, I'll send them to hell." The group of experts who have been beaten up by Chu Luo into a sorry pulp: "Master Li, are you blind?" Master Li: "My Luoluo doesn't like studying. Please be more forgiving." Teachers from various professions: "Could it be that the person who thrashed our class's top student is someone else?"

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So You Are the Person Who Harmed My Xiao Yi!

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By the time Chu Luo came back from her run, Li Yan was no longer in the living room.

Instead, a middle-aged man and woman were standing in the living room. They were dressed in chef uniforms and wearing chef hats.

The two of them greeted Chu Luo politely, "Hello, Miss Chu."

Then, the middle-aged woman introduced herself. "We're the chefs responsible for making your three meals. My surname is Li. You can call me Auntie Li. His surname is Sun. You can call him Uncle Sun."

Auntie Li pointed at the dining table. "Miss Chu, go and try it. See if it suits your taste. If it doesn't, we'll adjust it immediately. Also, you can tell us what kind of cuisine you like."

Chu Luo walked over and sat down. She picked up her chopsticks and ate a crystal shrimp dumpling under the expectant gazes of Uncle Sun and Auntie Li. After drinking a spoonful of porridge, she nodded. "It tastes pretty good."

She then talked about her favorite cuisine.

Uncle Sun and Auntie Li heaved a sigh of relief.

Auntie Li then asked, "In the future, do you want to come back for lunch and dinner, or do you want me to send them to you?"

Chu Luo thought for a while. The form teacher had said that he was going to tutor her at noon, so she said, "Send it to me at noon."

The three of them exchanged a few more words before Uncle Sun and Auntie Li left.

After breakfast, Chu Luo went to school.

She had just sat down when a tall, thin boy wearing glasses walked over from the front.

"Chu Luo."

Chu Luo looked up and saw that it was Li Tao, the Math class representative.

The rest of the class looked at them.

"What is it?"

Li Tao raised his hand and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. His eyes were sizing up Chu Luo, and his tone was obviously perfunctory. "Old Gao talked to me yesterday night during self-study and asked me to study with you. If there's anything you don't know, you can ask me."

Chu Luo nodded and didn't say anything else.

Li Tao was a little unhappy with Chu Luo's attitude, so he continued, "My time is very precious. If it's a normal question type, you can just flip through the books."

He meant that she shouldn't be so quick to look for him.

Chu Luo looked up at him and nodded indifferently. "Okay."

Li Tao's ears actually turned red when he saw Chu Luo's big eyes. Seeing that her reaction was so cold, he felt a little angry and turned to walk towards his seat.

The others couldn't help but whisper.

"What exactly is Old Gao thinking? Not only did he give her so many revision papers, he even asked the class representative to teach her?"

"If I were Li Tao, I wouldn't even bother with her. Not only is Li Tao a mathematics representative, but his family is also rich. Why would he lower himself to teach her?"

"Maybe her family is involved. Old Gao couldn't just reject her directly, so he pushed the responsibility to Li Tao."

"Tsk tsk, that Li Tao is too pitiful."

"But have you noticed? I feel like she's different from yesterday."

"Yeah. I noticed it when she came in earlier. I think she's much prettier than yesterday."

"I think so too."

Chu Luo didn't care about the discussions of others. She took out her book and started reading.

Rumors were crazy. Not long after the morning class ended, almost everyone in the building knew that Chu Luo's family had pulled some strings. She, who was at the bottom of the batch, was being taken special care of by the teachers of Grade 12, Class 4.

Those with good results looked down on Chu Luo even more. Those with bad results also had their own thoughts. The rest were envious, jealous, and hateful towards her.

Other than this rumor, there were also two other rumors spreading around Grade 12, Class 1.

One was regarding the school belle, Chu Ting.

Some people said that Chu Ting had suicidal tendencies because she was under too much pressure. Others said that Chu Ting had gone crazy because of the pressure and was already taken away by her family.

The other rumor was about the school hunk, Zhang Tianyi, and Jiang Siyi.

"Not only did the school hunk not come to school for a few days, but Jiang Siyi didn't come either. Do you think they really went overboard that night?"

"Or their families opposed their relationship and they eloped."

"It's also possible that Jiang Siyi is pregnant and has severe morning sickness. So Zhang Tianyi has to take care of her."

The students had the most vivid imaginations. The atmosphere of the Grade 12 students, which was originally very tense, became much more relaxed because of the rumors.

When class was about to start, Old Gao suddenly called Chu Luo out.

Then, a classmate sitting by the window who happened to see the situation downstairs said excitedly, "Look, Jiang Siyi is here."

Everyone could no longer hold themselves back. Even though a teacher was berating them, they still stuck their heads out of the window.

Someone exclaimed, "She's Jiang Siyi? No way! Why do I feel like she looks especially weird today?"

Jiang Siyi was no longer as glamorous as before. Not only was she wearing loose-fitting clothes and pants, but she was also wearing a cap and a face mask. She had wrapped herself up tightly.

Just then, Jiang Siyi alighted from the car. Her parents were standing beside her. Both of them looked furious. It seemed like they were here to settle scores.

"Old Gao had just called Chu Luo out. Don't tell me they're here for Chu Luo!"

Everyone's gossip instincts were triggered. If the teacher hadn't flared up, they would have continued to gossip.

When Chu Luo was brought out by Old Gao, Old Gao said worriedly:

"Xiao Luo, Jiang Siyi's family called to complain about you. They said that you caused Jiang Siyi to be unable to go to school. Her family has already found their way to the school. I called your father too. Stand behind me later. I won't let them bully you."

Chu Luo looked at Old Gao's back, which couldn't be described as broad, and a glint flickered across her eyes.

She didn't expect that the first person to protect her here would be her form teacher.

However, Jiang Siyi and her family…

She smirked at the thought of these people.

When the two of them walked to the principal's office, they happened to hear Jiang Siyi's mother's unreasonable voice. "I don't care. You have to call that Chu Luo and her family over immediately. If you don't give us an explanation today, we won't stop."

Following that was the sound of Jiang Siyi's sobbing.

The Jiang family was considered one of the upper-middle-class families in Ocean City. There were plenty of such families in this school. The school's heads were actually unhappy with Jiang Siyi's mother's behavior.

Nonetheless, one of the school's heads stepped forward to calm her down first. "Mrs. Jiang, Miss Jiang, please calm down first. I've already sent someone to call Chu Luo over. We will ask her about this matter, and after we have clarified it…"

"Is there a need to clarify?" Jiang Siyi's mother interrupted sternly. "Xiao Yi is already in such a state. She's been in no condition to revise these past two days. I think that that girl called Chu something was so jealous of our Siyi that she disfigured my girl and…"

At this point, Jiang Siyi's mother suddenly stopped as Jiang Siyi tugged on her.

"And what?" A clear and cold voice was heard.

Everyone turned around at once. When Jiang Siyi saw Chu Luo, her eyes widened in disbelief.

"You are Chu Luo?"

"Ha! You don't even know who I am, and you still have the gall to come all the way here to kick up a fuss?"

When Jiang Siyi's mother heard what Chu Luo said, she immediately raised her voice and looked like she wanted to eat her up. "So you're the one who harmed my Xiao Yi?"