28 You

Princess Eleanor looked away once she saw Nia go.

"You look tired." Princess Eleanor heard a small voice as she looked back only to realize that it was Sir Kit who had said those words, "The Princess should sleep. I will stay outside to guard,"

Princess Eleanor shook her head as her back straightened. "There is no need for that. I had a good sleep back in the carriage so I am not sleepy anymore."

Sir Kit did not know how to react. He could tell that Princess Eleanor did not want him to leave. At least, not leave the tent.

Sir Kit took a deep breath as he looked at the Princess who was sitting on the bed looking at him with her cat-like eyes.

"Sir Kit, can we talk?" Princess Eleanor said softly as she looked at the man with a deep gaze. "Why don't you sit here?"

Princess Eleanor pointed out at the side where a chair was placed. Sir Kit walked towards it as he felt like the placing of the chair was intentional. As if the Princess wanted to talk with him all along.

Once Princess Eleanor saw Sir Kit sit she pointed at the end of the tent where a small cotton bed was placed. It was in between outside and inside, on the verge of the entrance. "If Sir Kit wants to rest, I have already prepared a place."

Sir Kit nodded his head as he looked at the Princess who was staring at his mask. The candles in the tents were flicking along with the wind as they made the Princess's face change through light and darkness. A golden haul made Princess Eleanor look like a goddess of gold as she smiled.

Sir Kit swallowed as he did not know what to do. He looked away but soon he felt a soft touch on his face.

Sir Kit flicked as he held the hand touching him instinctively but when he saw the pain on Princess Eleanor's face, Sir Kit left the wrist in fear.

Princess Eleanor rubbed her wrist as she looked at Sir Kit with blame, "I was mesmerized." Princess Eleanor murmured under her breath.

Sir Kit could not say anything else. His gaze stayed fixed on Princess Elanor's wrist; he tried to see if he had left any marks.

'Her hands are smaller than I expected.' Sir Kit thought as he could still feel the soft touch on his skin. A feeling that was hard to forget.

"Anyway, please don't take it to heart." Princess Eleanor smiled as she tried to change the topic. "Sir Kit has something to ask me, isn't it?"

Sir Kit's eyes were filled with confusion. He could see in the Princess's gaze that she truly thought that he had something to say. "I do not have …."

Sir Kit wanted to complete the sentence but before he could his gaze narrowed as his words stopped. There really was something that he was curious about.

"So there is?" Princess Eleanor smiled as her body relaxed. "Sir Kit should just tell me. There is nothing to talk about now, so why not I try to answer some of your questions. After all, we need to know about each other if we are going to trust each other."

Sir Kit's eyes narrowed. He stared at the Princess, trying to find any emotions that could control his thoughts. Although he had a pressing question struggling to come to his mouth, but he still tried to not ask it.

Sir Kit knew that it would not be a pleasant experience for the Princess and maybe he should not ask her right away.

But soon a wave of air blew and the candles in the tent were no longer lit. There was complete darkness but the moonlight was still making it easy to see.

"Don't bother," Princess Eleanor said as she saw Sir Kit getting up from the seat to light the candles again. "The darkness is calming."

Sir Kit sat down as his eyes tried to adjust themselves to the darkness. Once he was sure he looked at the Princess who leaned on the bed. She smiled as she asked playfully, "So what is Sir Kit curious about?"

Sir Kit swallowed as he decided to finally ask. He knew that it would help him to understand and react to the situation better. "So why did the Princess decide to go to the Empire?"

Princess Eleanor laughed as she said in a daze. Her back hit the bed as she looked up. Did not know why she was feeling sleepy so suddenly. Was it because of the darkness or because the temperature was low?

Princess Eleanor was confused as she yawned before swallowing hard. "Sir kit already knows why I had agreed."

Sir Kit's eyes turned sharp. "Not the one you are telling everyone else. I want to know the real reason. The reason that you are hiding."

Princess Eleanor could hear Sir Kit talk. She could understand his words but she was too tired now. The exhaustion from the ride was getting at her. But Princess Eleanor tried her best to answer.

"Do you know how it felt when I lost everything? I was alone, crying in the room. No one came to me to see how I was doing. No one came to take care of me. All of their eyes were filled with pity because they could only think that this should not have happened."

Princess Eleanor's eyes were about to close but there were small tears in them, shining in the darkness. Sir Kit could hear the tremble in Princess Eleanor's tone as she continued, "But there was one who tried to save me. He actually did save me. He protected me when I was losing everything."

Princess Eleanor laughed as she turned her face towards Sir Kit, "Sometimes I wish he shouldn't have but I am grateful for him. While he was saving me, he gave me a clue. Something I could never forget."

Princess Eleanor's eyes closed as her tone turned soft like a whisper. "You want to know why I agreed to go to the Empire. It's because of you….."

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