52 The Seven Hearts Hollow Pill

Tang Bufan walked miserably out of the Red Heaven Sword Hall, cursing his master for not appreciating him and for failing to fall for his handsome charms.

 Soon he was now at the Red Heaven Sword Library and there was an old elder who was sitting in the lobby inside.

 He took a look at Tang Bufan and said in his old hoarse voice, "You must be Tang Bufan. I've been expecting you."

 Tang Bufan smiled as he gave a hand bow, "Indeed I am. How may I address senior elder?"

 The old man replied casually, "Elder Kongshi."

 Tang Bufan greeted, "Elder Kongshi!"

 Elder Kongshi took out a cultivation slip and put it on the table in front of him, "As you are just at the beginning of the third realm, this cultivation slip is a third realm cultivation slip that may be helpful to you."

 "Senior elder, thank you!" Tang Bufan expressed his gratitude and happily took the cultivation slip. Third realm cultivation slips were really rare even in New Empyrean City. This was something that he sorely needed and he had finally obtained a copy of it. Finally he would fulfill his grand dreams of reaching the fourth realm immortal celestial level.

 "Also," Elder Kongshi added as he put a green jade ring on the table. "To select the sword manuals, simply tap it with your ring. As you are a third realm core protégé, you are able to access to the 3rd floor limit."

 After thanking the elder, he began to walk into the Red Heaven Library.

 He was a little surprised to see that there were dozens of protégés that were roaming around. When they saw him with his core disciple attire, they immediately greeted. "Senior brother!"

 Tang Bufan lit a smile. To be called a senior brother was such a wonderful feeling.

 He was like a blazing sun with this new attire that had marked him as a core protégé and it was like a badge of honor.

 This was the first floor and most of the sword manuals were only the basic. Therefore he decided to go to the second floor directly. He was after all a core protégé and it would not be good for his reputation if he pick a sword manual from the first floor.

 On the second floor, there were only about two dozen protégés that were around. When they saw him, they hastily greeted him as senior brother.

 By now, Tang Bufan was feeling extremely superior and proud of his new status as a core protégé. The new attire of a core protégé really worked wonders!

 He decided to go to the third floor directly. As a highly ranked core protégé, how could he compare to these common protégés on the second floor? If he wanted to learn a new swordplay then it had to be something fantastic to fit his lofty status as a third realm cultivator.

 When he reached the third floor, there was only a single protégé inside and that single protégé was Nangong Yu, the eldest core protégé of Celestial Shi Guanyin.

 He quickly greeted panicky, "Senior brother!"

 Nangong Yu stared coldly at him and said icily, "You are indeed ambitious enough to come to the third floor. Don't bite more than you can chew."

Tang Bufan smiled weakly, "Yes, yes."

Now it was his turn to call someone else senior brother. The first two floors were like heavens to him while the third floor was like hell all of a sudden…

Because of the unfriendly look that was from Nangong Yu, Tang Bufan did not stay for too long as he quickly picked three cultivation slips from the third floor before slipping quickly away. 

It was because Nangong Yu was constantly glancing in his direction and he had a look of disdain when he was looking at Tang Bufan.

But before Tang Bufan had left, he purposely said to Nangong Yu. "Senior Brother Nangong Yu, our new Shengzi Lu Qingyun will soon be stronger than you. You won't be the strongest core protege in the Heavens Ridge Villa for too long. You ought to practice hard if you want to retain your strongest core protege position in the Heavens Ridge Villa. But don't worry, I'll always support you."

Nangong Yu coldly said to him, "You have better worry for yourself first."

Tang Bufan: ...




When Tang Bufan was back at his abode, he angrily threw the jade ring that contained the three sword cultivation slips that he had picked at the third floor of the Red Heaven Library.

 "This Nangong Yu is really too insolent. I won't take this insult lying down. You've been warned!"

 "What is the point of cursing someone when he isn't around to hear it?" a beautiful and mesmerizing voice had suddenly asked out of the blue. 

 Tang Bufan was startled. There was another person in his abode and he was not aware of it.

 He quickly turned around and saw the Golden Mask Devil Goddess.

 "How did you get into here?" he asked weakly.

 The Devil Goddess chuckled, "So what if this is the Heavens Ridge Villa? There are no experts here that can stop me from coming and leaving freely. So, why are you looking so gloomy today?"

 Tang Bufan smiled weakly, "Nothing. It is just that I don't really like some of the seniors here."

 The Devil Goddess laughed, "And that includes your master?"

 Tang Bufan: …

He weakly said, "You are my beloved master. As for my other master the Celestial Shi Guanyin, she seems to be wary of me." 

 The Devil Goddess walked around as she played with the curtains, "What if I am able to help you to seduce your Grand Elder Shi Guanyin and help you to fulfill your fantasies of bedding her?"

 Tang Bufan was thinking: Actually I don't mind bedding you too.

But he purposely said, "Oh? This won't be such a good idea right?"

 The Devil Goddess laughed, "If you are able to become your master's favorite disciple then you will be highly respected in the Red Heaven Sword Hall. Moreover you're helping me to deal with Qin Keqin who is my arch nemesis. It is a win-win proposal for the two of us."

 Tang Bufan nodded slowly and asked curiously, "So what do you propose to help me seduce my master?"

 The Devil Goddess laughed coldly as she took out a crimson pill, "This is the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill. It is able to consolidate a golden celestial spiritual inner sea and make it easier to overcome to the golden supremacy level. It is perfect for someone like Celestial Shi Guanyin."

 Tang Bufan was startled, "I have heard of this Seven Hearts Hollow Pill before. It is worth a great fortune and is almost priceless. But even if I give it to my master, she may not be truly impressed by me. I may end up being just a tool for her to advance her own celestial level."

 The Devil Goddess nodded with a soft chuckle, "You are indeed smart. She will indeed just take the Seven Hearts Hollow Pill without blinking her eyes and she will soon forget it is you who have brought her this great gift."

 Tang Bufan was smiling bitterly when he had heard her, "So what is the point then."

 The Devil Goddess lifted the crimson pill in front of Tang Bufan, "Except that I have added something into this Seven Hearts Hollow Pill. When she has taken it, she will be craving for any man. Even the ugliest ones, she will not mind at all."

 Tang Bufan was startled but he was also delighted, "Therefore this is a golden opportunity for me to seduce her?"

 "You are so right on the spot and you are so smart. Here, so take this Seven Hearts Hollow Pill and give it to her. I can promise you that she will surely take it as soon as you have presented to her. All you need to do is to sneak into her beauty quarter and obtain her for yourself."

 Tang Bufan was grinning happily as he took the pill but he was still hesitant, "It may not be easy for me to approach her. After all, she is a fifth realm expert and her perceptions are sharp."

 The Devil Goddess chuckled, "Don't worry. After she has taken the pill, she will lose her spiritual perception momentarily. Then you will have the best opportunity of your life. Moreover I will be there to give you the signal. It is safer than safe."

 Tang Bufan was delighted, "Then I shall present this wonderful gift to her tonight."

 "I shall be away for a few hours. So this is the plan and here how I should give you the signal." The Devil Goddess explained to him.

 Tang Bufan was brimming with joy and he was chuckling nonstop, "Tsk, tsk!"

 When the Devil Goddess had finished giving him the briefings, she had quickly departed.

 Tang Bufan immediately made his plans.

 He quickly approached an elder of the Red Heaven Sword Hall and told him that he would like to seek an audience with Celestial Shi Guanyin to give her a gift. As for what the gift was, he wrote it in a sealed letter.

 "Please tell master that this will be something that will change her celestial fate." He said with a broad grin to the elder. "I will be in my quarter if she wants to see me."


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