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The Unexpected Golden Mate


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What is The Unexpected Golden Mate

Read The Unexpected Golden Mate novel written by the author CRosado on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, cultivation. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Marigold Esther Hawthorne is a twenty-five years old woman who lives inisde of a company that is called Digital Animation Company and there she has her owm mini desk where she works at. She also has another job for Sexual Orientation as a College Professor...but Marigold has a secret that nobody knows about...She is a half Fairy and half Witch... Her parents are supernatural. Her mother is a fairy and her father is a Wizlock. Marigold left her family behind because she wanted to live as a normal woman. What will happen if she end up meeting another supernatural that is not what she though it who be? Alec Dominic Cullen is a hundred years old well, he looks around his mids Twenties but he is not, he is actually a... Werewolf. The King of Werewolves for a hundred years. He is immortal and he is a very busy man who does not have a mate at all but he had another she-wolf bear him a child because he lost hope in finding his mate but still believe that he will find her soon. Very soon than he expected, as you can say. He is the Alpha of Dark North Pact, the strongest pact in the world but also a very powerful King in the world...in supernatural at least. In the human world, he is a very well-known and very powerful who can convience others. He also owns his own company for Officers that includes Polices, Firefighters, CEO, and Secrecurities. What will happen when he goes to Digital Animation Company for a business and he smells his mate? Will She accept him as her mate or Wll she reject him? What will be Alec's reaction when he finds out that his mate is actually half fairy and half witch and most of all, POWERFUL?! Stay Tunes...


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