50 The Surprise Visitor

Madara begins casually strolling down the street as think about the events of the prior day. Sung Jin Woo actually had decided to take his younger brother as his apprentice.

Madara couldn't help but sigh as a feeling of sadness washed over him. It seems that their time as a trio was coming to an end. After the events of the summer festival, they would all be heading their seperate directions.

Itachi would be heading to South Korea with Jin Woo, and Obito had told the brothers through their mind link that he would be joining the JAHB, aka "Japanese Anti Hero Battalion." And Madara would soon be expressing his intentions to head to America.

Originally Madara's plan had been to become a Japanese Hero, but after learning more about the deeper politics of this world he had changed his mind. Being tied to the government would restrict his movements and actions. So in the end becoming a Government Hero was not the optimal choice.

However, not working in a group could also be extremely dangerous, especially when considering the massive organizations that villain's Like Steelheart possessed. So that is why he planned to form his own organization.

An organization filled with only top tier combatants, with him at it's head. The Akatsuki. And tonight would be the night that he officially began the creation of said organization. As tonight, he would recruit his first member.

Rumi Usagiyama, the love of his life. Rumi has had similar thoughts to himself when it comes to being a Government Hero. That combined with her overwhelming strength made her a perfect candidate to be a part of his Akatsuki.

As Madara continued walking alone in a empty park, he suddenly has a very bad feeling rising in his chest, almost as if a threat is imminent.

Madara whirls around just in time to see a strange almost sickly looking man with long black hair and wearing a strange almost hero like costume, lunging towards him with a serrated blade.

With a sudden movement, Madara, with barely a moment to react, instantly activates susanoo ribcage to deflect the blade. 'He's fast!'

The man seeing that his blade had been blocked, immediately attempts to pull back, however he is too slow and Madara manages to blitz forwards and land a powerful kick on the man's stomach.

The man flies backwards, but quickly recovers from the blow and lowers himself into an aggressive stance.

Madara can't help but to narrow his eyes at his attacker in suspicion before declaring, "Who are you, and why the hell are you attacking me?"

The man slowly begins to sway back and forth before snarling, "You are the bane of this world. I have seen it. You must die! Uchiha Madara! Die for the sake of this world! For your death is mandatory, and I Stain may then continue to purge the world of you fake heroes!"

"The bane of this world? Fake heroes? What are you blabbering about?" Madara snarls at Stain.

"You are the epitome of a fake Hero!!!!!! YOU MUST DIE. DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Without warning stain lunges forwards again, and slashes at Madara. Madara however meets the charge head on this time, and quickly engages in hand to hand combat.

Stain slash's at Madara, twirling like a blade cyclone, however Madara manages to not only keep up, but perfectly avoid ever one of his strikes.

Despite Stain's obvious skill, he quickly notices that he is completely outmatched by Madara in all physical attributes. and leaps backwards, avoiding a critical strike from Madara.

"I see. You have already grown powerful. I will kill you. Even if I must die to do so. I will not allow the eternal slumber to fall upon this world. Mark my words on that!"

"What are you...." Before Madara could finish his reply, Stain quickly through a smoke bomb into the ground causing a large explosion of Smoke.

Under the cover of the smoke, Stain disappears. Meanwhile Madara is just left to figure out what the hell just happened.

--2 Days Before the Sports Festival--

After his encounter with the young Uchiha, Stain rushed through the shadows scattered throughout the city to avoid the watchful eyes of the Heroes.

He had failed. The young miss had left everything behind to show him her vision, and assist him in his goal, yet he had failed to slay the young bringer of Ragnarok.

He could not help but silently curse himself as he continued to make his way back to hidden base. He had even gone so far as to buy information from villains in an attempt to kill the boy!

As he ran he can't get the visions he had been shown out of his mind.

A mountain of dead bodies. Hero's from every nation dead. Those who had either given up or been defeated, all staring up at the white skinned purple eyed Madara who was floating in the air above them, the full moon lightening up the battlefield.

The Moon slowly began to turn a blood red, when his vision suddenly skipped to a new scene. The new scene was the entire world enveloped in the roots of a massive tree. The entire population held up in cocoons, fast asleep.

The Infinite Dream! The Fake Peace! The Bane of Stains Ideals!

'That boy! He must die! But I am not strong enough to do it. I can't let it become to late! I must consult the Young Miss.'

As he finishes that thought, Stain disappears from the world... For now.

'Uchiha Madara!!!! I will Kill you!!!!!!!! AND I WILL STOP YOUR DREAMS OF FALSE PEACE!'

Meanwhile, in a different location, off the Southern Coast of Japan, to men stood opposed to each other staring each other down.

"Steelheart. I thought we agreed that you would remain away from Japan until my plans have been completed. You don't intend to break those plans now do you?"

Steelheart sneers, "All For One. DO you think I listen to you? A rat who doesn't know his place? It was only by my whim that I have ignored Japan until now. However..... I have recently found that my daughter has taken refuge there. Do you truely plan to stand in my way?"

All for One could only grit his teeth as he stares into the face of the overwhelming Steelheart. Despite his spending of three years researching Steelheart, he was still unable to uncover any weakness that the man possessed.

That invincibility..... He craved it. However, as he had learned from his last encounter with Steelheart, acquiring it was a different story.

"Your daughter ho? How interesting. I wasn't aware of this."

"Don't get any ideas Old Man. If you so much as touch her, it will count as an insult to my pride. Even if you use her as a hostage, I will wipe your entire organization off the face of this planet. Now, don't get involved.

Two days from now, I will retrieve my daughter and bring Japan to its knees."