49 The Sparks of War

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Inside Nezu the principal's' office, Madara is sitting in a comfortable brown leather office chair, a letter from Itachi informing him on the events since he was asleep that he had received that morning stuffed in his pocket.

Nezu can't help but sigh, "Madara, you truly are a monster of a student, however I cannot approve of you leaving U.A. after only a single year as a student."

Madara however is determined and will not compromise. "I'm sorry principle, but i'm not asking. Itachi's already informed me of Steel Hearts progress in the U.S. Despite this we haven't even been able to stop the League of Villain's, who only seem to grow stronger by the day.

The Pro's are starting to reach their limit. Before long we students will have to join the fight anyways. Besides, I've reached the point where this academy has nothing left to offer me. The best thing for me at this point is to graduate with Rumi and the others."

Nzu can't help but grimace as Madara isn't wrong. At the level Madara was at during the USJ attack, the academy truly can't help him anymore. It wasn't just Madara either. Mirio, Rumi, and Nejire from the third year were also graduating a year early. Izuku, Itachi, Bakugou, Todoroki, and Obito wouldn't remain at the school long either.

"Still Madara I can't....." Nezu begins. However before he can finish his sentence, he freezes as a loud knocking suddenly comes from the door.

Nezu hesitates for a moment before turning to Madara, "Hold on one second please."

"Come in!"

The large oak wood door swings open revealing a man who Madara clearly recognizes from Itachi's description. The imposing figure, the piercing blue eyes that seemed to glow, and the darkness that seemed to gather around him....

"Sung Jin Woo, what are you doing here?" Nezu asks with a hint of fear in his voice. Despite the principles' usual fearlessness, this is understandable. Sung Jin Woo is the fourth strongest hunter in the world being only a single spot behind All Might in the rankings.

However, Sung Jin Woo is famous for being more.... Difficult to deal with.

"The boy is right Nezu. I've seen the video footage of the USJ attack, there is no reason for him to remain here. But worse than that, the war is much closer than we think. My Shadow soldier who I left with Straw Hat has reported back."

Nezu immediately grows serious, "Madara would you please step out?"

Madara however shook his head. No way in hell was he missing this! "I would rather not have to resort to eavesdropping."

The shamelessness! Nezu can barely control himself when he hears this. Madara just admitted that he would listen in anyway even if he did kick him out! "Fine, but what is said in here doesn't leave this room understood?"

Madara nods. At this moment Nezu then opens up a drawer in his desk before pressing some strange button inside. The instant he does so, the windows in the room slide shut, and out of the ground directly next to the walls slide steel sheets to lock in any sound.

Sung Jin Woo just nods approvingly and the three wait for a few seconds until the room is completely locked down from outside interference. Now, why could Nezu not just do this after kicking Madara out? Well to put it simply, he couldn't kick Madara out and Jin Woo certainly didn't look like he was going to help.

"Alright Jin Woo, go ahead, what's the report."

"In Mexico Steel Heart showed himself."

Madara froze upon hearing this. Steelheart rarely showed up personally to deal with things, so him making any move at all was not a good sign.

Sung Jin woo continues, "He brought a good sized army of villain's with him and attacked the Straw Hats position.

While the battle commenced, Straw Hat Luffy, Villain Hunter Zoro, and Ogress Child Yamato faced off against Steel Heart.

They were utterly defeated. Mexico and the rest of the resistance in the U.S. has fallen."

These words seemed to plunge the whole room into silence. Those three were known for their strength. All three of them were as strong as heroes within the top 20 of the world rankings. If they were officially ranked, it's estimated that Luffy would place within the top 5.

"What about Luffy?"

"From what I know, Roronoa Zoro managed to hold Steel Heart off long enough for Yamato to escape with Luffy. The remnants of the straw hats fled to somewhere in South America."

"What about Jager?"

"From what I know he's still hiding somewhere in Canada. That damned bastard. This is probably going exactly as he planned." Sung Jin Woo snarls clenching his fist in anger.

'Do they have history?' Madara can't help but wonder. That kind of reaction isn't something that a collected person like Jin Woo would have without reason.

Nezu can't help but sigh before finally giving in, "Alright I see our point Jin Woo. I'll start preparing the students after the Summer Festival."

Sung Jin woo nods, "Good. Now, as for the reason I'm here."

"You mean that wasn't your reason?"

"Nope. The reason I'm here is because I'm taking Uchiha Itachi as my disciple."

Madara and Nezu's eyes both widen in surprise "What?!"

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