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This is honestly the best!!! It's so adorable and creative!! The characters have their own unique charisma and every chapter that I read, I am filler with different types of emotions (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤. I highly recommend this because it's just too adorable and cute for my heart!! (つ≧▽≦)つ


I found this book during a reading event, and I Love it! The details of the world, characters, and subplots are amazingly written. The story is intricate but still easy to follow(which I love). I am super excited for my next iTunes card so I can keep reading! Highly Recommend!


Shameless author review! 🤣 But I would like to leave a review myself as an author. 😊 I consider this novel my first novel that I wrote as an adult because the works that I have and translated here were my works when I was in high school, around 16-17 years old. 😅 Now that I wrote a new concept that I thought of as an *****, I am more proud of this work than the ones I previously worked on. 😁 For the writing quality, I am satisfied... but not quite, as I find myself lacking in using vocabulary words when I write. To be honest, I am kind of lazy looking for a deeper word to express a word which I would like to change, so sometimes I just leave it at that. 😅 As for the narration aspect, I still find difficulties writing in 3rd POV, but as I write, I will try my best to improve myself. ☺️ Update stability, I gave myself a 5 as I see no problem with it (because I am currently unemployed). 😂 Also, I publish one chapter a day and I have around 40+ chapters in my stockpile as I write 13 cha** a week so all is good! 😉 But I no longer do mass releases. Will do so if MGS finishes by January. 🤣 For story development, I am satisfied with my pacing for my work. Not too fast, not too slow. I do outlining to guide me as I write my story. 😊 As for character design, I did my best to think of them before I wrote the story and as I wrote the story. I even did personality tests for each character to guide me however, as I write, I still find a little difficulty in expressing some of them, though I am getting there as I take time to reread and edit before I publish them. 😄 Lastly, world background. To be honest, I am not quite sure if I did this well. 😅 If you noticed, I didn’t even name the city they are in. 🤪 Also, I did an effort as I searched about angels and demons so I could efficiently write about it in my story. Even though I encountered some difficulties, I try my best to tackle the problem by doing researches and by asking some opinions of other readers and fellow authors. 😁 Anyway, this is it for my shameless review! I hope whoever reads this gets the urge to leave a review. 🤣 Or if you passed by just to see the synopsis and some reviews, I hope you also give my story a chance. 🥰


Hi author! A friend recommended this story.and I thanked her for that! It's my first time here in WebNovel and I searched you This story is great! Keep it up :)


This is a really nice story! From characters, setting, to plot... I like it! You have been writing fantasy stories for as long as I could remember, cousin! I've read The Arcane Book and Army of True Salvation... But this is a whole new level indeed! I can see this book's potential! It will leap in bounds! Good luck in the contest and I will always support you! Best story I read from you so far! Amazing as always!


Reveal spoiler


Very excited for this book, as I get introduced to zombie word due to amy, now I m gonna also wanted to introduced to this new world, her books are way different and exciting, looking forward to reading more


I'm a fan since I read her story Arcane Book and as expected again she had this magic hook to get her readers attention to enjoy and got really interested for the flow of the story. Three chaps are up and I'm looking forward to the next chapters. I'm really really excited! I love this author sooo much! 😍


I really like the story! 1st chapter, the story got my attention. it was very creative and cute story. I'm enjoying this a lot! I wish a good chapters in the future! good job! 💖


I am in love with Angeal so with the writer Amy, the way she write her first book make me her fan, anyway waiting for more, best of luck for competition


Just read it! Like i really wish you guys to know the story too! The setup, the characters, the theme! It's really fantastic! So just read it!!!


I read the previous book of this writer 'The army of salvation' and it is way too good that I become her fan, and now just reading the first part I get hooked up in the story, writer best of luck for contest


I started Soul Eater 3-4 days ago and am loving it. I haven’t been able to stop reading it. I love the characters and their relationships. They are complicated, but wonderful. They show true caring and love amonst each other while facing their enemies. Mystic Amy does an amazing job telling their stories.




this is honestly onethe best creative work in these online novels I have come across. highly appreciate the work of author interesting plot, very well described


I highly reccomend this book! I have enjoyed all the chapters i have gotten to read so far! The characters truly are so interesting and the plot has keep my on my toes!


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This story is so interesting!! I love the characters and the world they living in. The plots and storylines are easy to understand 🖒🖒