The Seven Calamities
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The Seven Calamities


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What is The Seven Calamities

The Seven Calamities is a popular web novel written by the author Nikola_Niko, covering DUNGEONS, ACTION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, SYSTEM, , Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 16.2K readers . The novel is being serialized to 48 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Volume(1)Synopsis: Once hailed as a supreme genius. Now living his life as a trash. Once destined to reach the pinnacle of mankind. Now would be lucky to become someone’s slave. Once only knew to look down upon. Now only know to look up to. He is Helkep, 17 year old with pitch-black hair like the night and jade like skin. With golden eyes, which only know one thing in the world now, to seek death. With a twist of fate, one day something leads him inside a dungeon. Inside the dungeon, with a fateful encounter...he learns to desire power again. 7 years of going through hell. Will he be able to reach the top or will the world forcefully through him down this time? One thing is for certainty, he now once again will crave the flesh of all those that ever wronged him. And those that wronged him, Ha-Ha! Do you dare believe that even transcended beings...envied his Destiny. --- "You want me to arise!?... Are you sure? And if you are... then be prepared... For I will drench this universe, with the blood of my offenders."


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I will honestly tell you about the story. The story will not be rushed and might even be a bit slow. The mc will start off as an extremely emotionless person and I will decide later if I want to him to develop emotions or not. Second romance will be very non-existent for the mc [due to him not being able to feel emotions] but that is only for the mc other will develop their own love relationships some[one sided] with the mc and others for others, I will not let anything go missed or left un-answered. Their will be a clear background of the world as well. I am not a native English but I can guarantee my English won't suck. But everything can't be perfect either. If you decide to read my novel or even just try one chapter I hope you will still comment, I Like reading people's review's about my work >.< Lastly I can't update very quickly because I have...{You want to waste time knowing?}. Anyways I just hope you try till chapter 5 at least[BECAUSE MY 1ST CHAPTER SUCKS] because its from where the story straights {The first day ends} <You will realize its meaning if you read. Also this is my second work and I am writing this one to improve my first work. {Which only have 8 chapters}. Anyways, Thanks if you decide to read my work. Note: I give most of the information about the story through conversations among side or main characters. Do read carefully.


A really well placed book with brilliantly sketched out characters that are a part of a fantasy world with level system and other magical elements. This novel will definitely reach a high stature, once you start updating more chapters that is. Everything else including the writing quality is really awesome, just a lil bit of typos but you can understand the story in a vivid way. Best of luck!


5 stars for this book! Awesome job author! I really enjoy reading your book and would like some more! Keep up the excellent work! I’m rooting for you!


Let me just say i think this story is fabulous. Everything from the description to the characters and their attitude. Its refreshIng and enjoyable. nothing is forced which is great because a lot of authors think they need to push all this info Into the readers face instead of letting the story develop naturally. The author does a great job of setting the tone and pace beautifully. This is staying in my collections, keep Up the amazing Writing 😁


lovely plot! very descriptive n intriguing. I honestly love the author's use of words n I totally had fun reading❤️❤️very talented work by the author and I can't wait to read more! great work 😘😘😘


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