7 New Life


"So the reason you ran away was because you didn't want to get married?" Yeonjun asked. I nodded. He mumbled something that I couldn't properly hear.

We kept on walking until we got to his house. "And here we are!" He exclaimed. "Let me help you with your bags." He took my bags.

The house was simple. Nothing fancy. I loved it. Though it was simple, it was nice and relaxing. And beautiful. In a different way..

"So Princess- Oh sorry Y/N. Would you like to eat something?" Yeonjun asked. "I'm good thank you." I said.

"Let me give you a tour." Yeonjun started showing me around the house. "This will be your room." He said. I smiled. I've always wanted a room like this. Nothing big. No gold or silver stuff. Just simple and pretty.

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"This is my room. If you need anything, just knock on my door." He said. He showed me some more rooms.

"Oh I must get dinner ready. Make yourself feel at home." He said. "Let me help." I offered. "Oh no that is fine." "I insist." "If that's what you wish for." He allowed me to help.

We went to the kitchen and began to cook. It felt good doing something for myself and doing it alone. Usually people would cook for me. After a while dinner got ready and we began to eat.

"Wow you are a great cook." Yeonjun said. I blushed and smiled. "Thank you." We quietly ate. I decided to also help him with the dishes even though he declined I still helped.

After doing the dishes we both went to our rooms. I layed on my bed.

'Well this is my new life.'

Yeonjun's POV

I thought I was going to regret it. But Y/N made it better and easier.

'At least we could both start our new life together'

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