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Meeting them

Meeting BTS was like a dream come true to every ARMY. What will it feels like to meet them face to face ? And what's more suprising is that they are just staying nearby your school. Then you went into the building because people say that the building is haunted and you met BTS there? What would you do when you meet your bias?

lovehalsey · Music & Bands

I Got Reincarnated as a K-POP Superstar Prodigy

Dan Stevens was a trainee at BigHit Entertainment for many years but decided to quit before debuting. Now, he was one of the best K-pop Analysts and Producers in the industry. He was so popular that many people were threatening to end his life. Seeing this as a normal thing in the entertainment industry, he ignored the threats and went on with his daily routine. After coming home from his morning run, he was pushed off from his balcony and died. He soon wakes up in a body of a 10-year old kid named Kim Jinbo, who was known to be a prodigy in business from a very wealthy family. Little did he know that he was already in a parallel world where the K-pop industry was booming but there were a lot of things that were different. First, the industry was still in its infancy stage. Second, the k-pop idols he knew were in a different group or were not in their supposed groups. Third, some idols or idol groups did not exist. Fourth, other companies did not exist. Fifth, all of the songs from his previous life was not found in this world. And lastly and probably the most shocking thing among the rest, dating between idols were allowed. Is this JayB's chance to date his ex-girlfriend from his previous world who was also part of one of the hottest girl groups there? Oh and did I mention that he was best friends with 8 other prodigies in their respective fields who together would make the ultimate K-pop group in this world's history? Join JayB as he meets various artists and idols from his previous life who were now starting off together in his journey to being a k-pop superstar. AN and disclaimer: I wrote this for my bias. Please don't be offended or please don't get mad if I ship people or there will be cases that I would be using the artist's songs. I do not own any of the songs nor do I want to affect the lives of these artists. This is purely fictional and is not meant to harm anyone. Other than that, please enjoy!

Doxi · Music & Bands

Big Hit's New Girl Group: I'm a K-Pop Star?!

**Important Note: This is about a fictional OC girl surviving in the music industry and set in real, modern times. ** ------------------------------------------------------- Synopsis: BTS, Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boy Scouts, Beyond The Scene. The idol group had various names, but to Iris, BTS would forever be her inspiration, both in music and in life. She had first encountered them by accident during BTS’s American Hustle Life. Curious and smitten by the adorably awkward boys who couldn’t speak English very well, she later discovered that they were K-pop idols. Upon discovering K-pop, she realized her passion for singing and dancing. She joined the Korean Culture Club at her university and participated in K-pop dance covers. But as a practical girl, she never pursued music seriously. As a second generation American to Thai and Chinese parents, she felt a responsibility to graduate college and be a successful businesswoman. But BTS was the wildcard in her life. When she fatefully met them again during their Wings world tour, her life would never be the same again. Tossed into the brutal world of K-pop, she became somehow became a Big Hit trainee! ------------------------------------------------------- Genres: Fan Fiction, (side) Romance Fiction Question: Why is this listed as Realistic Fiction instead of Fan Fiction? 1) The MC is Iris Huang, a fictional character along with her family and the other Big Hit trainees. Any k-pop idols included in this story are secondary leads. 2) BTS are not the only k-pop included in this story; thus, this is more of a k-pop fanfic if anything. With that said, they are more integral to the story than the others. But because this story began as an entry into the BTS writing competition, I have since after its end gotten some hate for writing it merely due to BTS fanfics swamping the Fan Fiction section. (I really don't see the case for it because the top popular fan fics listed only showed 3 BTS fan fics including mine much lower down the browsing results. But with the contest, the sudden influx probably messed up the New section.) In short, imagine this as a fictional story that's realistic in being set in the modern world and time with real-life people's names. This story was never completely about BTS, it was about Iris surviving in the music industry. It's like saying a fantasy story can't also be a romance; even though, the story may be listed under Fantasy as the main genre. 3) I see stories on here not listed as fan fiction when they're based on TV shows and series, and the story MC is clearly the MC of that original show. Since I think my story follows Realistic Fiction more than as a BTS fan fiction since it isn't totally centered around them, I changed it two weeks after the competition ended. Additionally, now no one can complain about their favorite fan fiction being overrun by BTS ones.... I don't want to inadvertently add to the hate that BTS receives for stupid reasons like this. ------------------------------------------------------- Note about the realism in this book: All of the realism is to allow readers to be able to insert themselves as the MC as if living this reality for real in the modern world. I hope to share BTS's inspirational message to love yourself. May you gain the strength to also believe in yourself and follow your dreams~! Please support the continuation of this story by voting, and enjoy reading! (: TAGS: Music, Idols, Modern Day, Celebrities, Female Lead, Inspirational, Romance, Fan Fiction, BTS, K-pop

Chryiss · Music & Bands

IDOL Life With A System

In his previous life, he was famous and his nickname is "Apollo" because of his amazing music skills and dancing you can also add the part that he is a very professional archer. He won many awards, he is a very well known producer in the kpop industry. He has money and fame... But he feels lonely sitting at the top. He passed away by a serious illness. God gave him 3 wishes because of his kindness. He wishes to have an amazing life and to feel love. He has a system that can help him polish his skills... He will stumble the Kpop entertainment with his amazing skills but this time he has friends or close brothers that will conquer the Kpop! _____________________ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/SqvsNrK

Immortal_Pyrsm · Music & Bands

Enigma || Park Jimin || [BTS Idol/Gang AU]

Can two enemies ever fall for each other? No? Then you're wrong. Agent 47 was sent to perform a small task of a mission that was assigned to one of her co-agents, which later decided to take a turn in her life getting her assigned as a lead of the whole case.

parkscript · Music & Bands

Reincarnated Godzilla In Remnant ( Dropped)

An unlucky 3rd year boy casually walking down in the pedestrian lane, but died because of a truck. running so fast at nearby bank the robbers are in a hurry and drive too fast, and it just in the road a kid was walking the boy got saved buts the boy died, he got reincarnated by a god and got 3 wishes because he died early so he got reincarnate as Godzilla in Remnant!!! with a system!!! the MC personality is serious and a realist. A/N: BTW its my 1st story im just practicing my English so i can maybe or maybe not leave this story... no PROMISES.

Demiurge_Ohara · Music & Bands

Road to become the kpop star; Idolity System

Our Main Protagonist, due to a surgery, died without partner and parent. Envy of those idols who were always on TV, wishing to be like them one day. Yet his dream shattered when he is near his deathbed. Once he died, a game like screen popped up in front of him. He can make his own character, select one kind of system, and reborn. “I choose The Idolity System, I want to be an idol” fulfilling his desire, god gave him a chance of rebirth into a baby along with his new selected system. He became V from BTS but only slightly different... ——— - World is the same but is different at the same time - handsome MC - fanfic about kpop - rebirth - The earth is a bit different from the originals do some may be made up ——— Please understand English is not my first language so grammar may be a bit bad, also school is starting so I could only posts a few chapters a week. I’ll try to post more though!

ShizunNOVELS · Music & Bands
Not enough ratings

Married to Bad Boy Tae

An arranged marriage to Taehyung and Yerin but Taehyung has a girlfriend and yerin don't like Taehyung either Taehyung so Yerin will make a deal with Taehyung to divorced her after 6 months but how would they live together before the marriage ends? Read this Book to know more about it... It's also available in Wattpad!! https://my.w.tt/vwwSU2J3hZ

Jungkooky_maknae · Music & Bands