The wedding day. A moment that most women treasured with but not with her. She was poisoned on her own wedding day; Nathalia Carter died full of hatred for her father and fiance. How could she accept that they murdered her? Nathalia gaped at Evette Carter, her step-sister, who was now laughing at her stupidity. Evette is one of the culprits behind her painful death. Demons. They are all demons. Nathalia thought in silence while she closed her eyes as consciousness abandoned her. With rage and tears, Nathalia cursed them and promised to take revenge if given a chance to survive. Suddenly, God hears her prayer and gives her a second chance, and she is allowed to come back to seek revenge. This time, she will not be so naive. She becomes fiercer and eager to bring justice to her own death. She would make sure they got what they deserved in this life. Revenge. Torture. Take everything they had. Make them suffer ten times worse than what they did to her. Along the way, her life changed when she met the notorious playboy- Spencer Davidson. He aims to take her as his woman and help her to fulfill her desire to take revenge. Love, Revenge, and Mystery played along the way. Giving her the most challenging part as she journeyed through her new life. Cover Created by: Weilan Wanna know more about the story, follow me on Instagram: annashannellin

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Chapter 69: She Has To Vanish Forever

It was too sudden, too unexpected.

Tears immediately filled her eyes. Anguish, anger, confusion, embarrassment surfaced at the same time.

"Why? Why? She's the wrong one. You should slap her, not me!" She pointed at Nathalia while staring at Frank.

I want to strangle her to death. How wonderful the world would be if she was dead now! Ahhh, I have to kill her. She has to vanish forever!

Nathalia leaned in Spencer's arms and watched Evette indifferently.

The first game had ended, and it was clear who the winner was. It was unnecessary to continue for now.

Just leave it like this now. Nathalia thought.