The Rift of The EndThe Rift of The End

The Rift of The End

by The_Young_Flash

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After 15 years of struggle in the post-apocalyptic waste, losing everything he loves, Omari Summers rushes to make the most idiotic decision of his life. For once he just wants to make a mistake in this era where mistakes were equivalent to death. He rushes to the Temple of time to grasp at the only hope he has to undo the tears, sweat, blood, heartache, and loss over the years. 'We all make foolish decisions for love' Omari says drifting into the dead currents of time. "Cindy, I will see you again no matter what!" ________________________________________________ First time writer. Comment on anything I may have missed. Vote with PowerStones for support. I will update at my leisure but once a week when not in school should be my limit for now. Discord link -----------------------> https://discord.gg/tPwgVgU

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