This Crayfish is not edible Book

novel - LGBT+

This Crayfish is not edible


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Xia Che was a crayfish monster that cultivated to become a human, but from then on he was the epitome of unlucky. But because he was friends with a Koi fish, he was able to escape his predicament. One fine day the Koi fish disappeared and our silly little crayfish lost his luck. He was all alone for many years until an ugly snake landed on his lap. The snake turned out to have exponential luck. Xia che: “Let me pet you today as well little worm. I want to trip on a pot of gold.” He rubbed the coarse scales of the snake. Long Aotian: ‘How dare you try to pet this majestic dragon,’ he bit his offending hands and squirmed. Xia che: “Stop squirming little worm, I might cook you for dinner instead. I heard humans say that snakes are good for your liver.” Long Aotian: “You....You” The little ugly snake changed into a majestic dragon and pushed the crayfish down. He ate till his heart’s content. P.S- Cover art inspired by LinDu

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