The Prince Looking For Christmas Wife Book

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The Prince Looking For Christmas Wife


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As in previous years, in the month of Christmas, more precisely on Christmas Day, a Christmas Ball event will always be held which has always been the hallmark of the city. The event was held in the magnificent Buckingham Palace, of a Prince named Theodoric. Usually, the event is just to commemorate the following years. But this time, it will be different. Prince held special conditions in this Christmas Ball event. He will look for a woman to be his wife among the women who dance and look elegant in his eyes. There was a woman named Ivy, the duke but was not considered by her father's family, namely King Idriz, because she was born to a woman who came from a lower class and she has a magic that only Idriz and Ivy's trusted people know. She also gave magic to Ivy so she can use it for her entire life and protect her from bad things. When Ivy heard that, she came with the hope that her Christmas gift was to change her life and live happily. She also hoped that the Prince would choose her to be his wife. Ivy's life then becomes fantastic and it is filled with magic that she uses for her needs, even she starts to like Prince Mason, Theodoric's cousin. . . . Silver Winner in WPC #243 *** NOTE: - The grammar in this book may have a lot of errors, but I'm still trying to do my best. And if you are looking for a book with perfect grammar, then this book is not for you. - The content containing sexual elements or 18+. So be aware because I already warned you. - Book cover DOESN'T BELONG TO ME. If the creator wants me to take it down, then I will change it asap. . . . READ MY ENGLISH BOOKS: - BOSSY BOSS (English Version) - Falling In Love With Vampire


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