51 Hagakure household and differences.

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"Siri, why are we going to Hagakure's household again?"

Black scratched his neck in embarrassment and squeezed Luna's hand tighter.

"Her parents wanted to discuss the artifact in person. I can understand them, this is an important moment for their daughter, after all."

After the events of yesterday, Sirius received a call from Toru's parents. He recognized the voice that spoke to him from the speaker, it was the same people who removed his unconscious body from the street when he decided to get drunk and pass out. Well, he knew it would be an interesting meeting. He didn't tell Luna about this moment in his life, but Sirius had no doubt that the girl already knew everything she needed to know. Now he has to wait until-

"You already know these people, right?"

'Ah, there it is.'

"Yes, they are good at parenting."

"Is that high praise I hear?"

Sirius snorted.

"Yeah. For me, good parents are the ones who don't lock their kids in a bloody cupboard. My standards are pretty low, don't you think?"

Luna put her head on his shoulder and quietly purred to calm her future husband. He was still a bit bitter because of the Dursleys and Buttergems, as he couldn't kill them personally. Luna understood but did not approve. It was an unhealthy coping mechanism.

"Maybe so, but you have already raised children, so your opinion still counts, Siri." She sighed heavily. "This name does not really suit you. . ."

"I know, but please, not now."

They both knew what the problem was. Sirius still expected that as soon as he said the name "Harry Potter" people would praise him like a God in the flesh. It was still unknown which God, the God of light or the God of darkness.

With the name Sirius, he chose the legacy he could support, the legacy of a Murader, and the legacy of the light even if seen as Satan. With the name of Regulus, he took on a legacy to always answer for his mistakes and fight to the very end. And with the name Black, he took a healthy dose of madness.

"Siri, even I know that trying to be someone you're not is not the solution. Take it from a Loony."

"Hey." He squeezed her hand. "You are not Loony, you are Luna Lovegood."

"And you're not Sirius." He didn't answer.

The two Mages arrived at Hagakure's house and stopped at the door. Black wanted to just stare at the closed door for a couple of minutes, but Lovegood rolled her eyes and rang the bell. Half a minute later, a familiar translucent man opened the door. He opened his mouth to greet the teacher, but stopped as soon as he saw Sirius' face. Luckily Luna wasn't stunned like the man and smiled brightly.

"Hello! My name is Lovegood Luna, and this is, as you already know, Black Sirius!"

If possible, Tobi's jaw dropped even lower.

". . . Are you by any chance related to other Black? Fifteen-year-old boy? The last time I saw him was two years ago."

Sirius scratched the back of his head and chuckled nervously.

"Yeah, about that. . ."

He was saved by Toru's voice from the apartment, unfortunately not for long.

"Dad? Why are you taking so long?"

The man gathered himself and invited the guests to his house, mentally trying to connect that Sirius with the younger one.

The three entered the living room where two sofas stood opposite each other. Sirius's gaze flickered over the decorations of the apartment, which had changed only slightly. A couple of things were in different places, there were new books on the shelves, but the most noticeable addition was in the photographs.

On the wall was a picture of Toru with a letter from U.A, her mother by her side. It was noticeable that both were crying with happiness. Next to this photo was a family photo at the gate of the girl's old school. A few more photos with a couple of close friends whose names Sirius did not even think to find out, and a photo of the girl's parents in a restaurant.

"Oh, you must be-"

Situra tried to greet her guests but froze just like her husband before. The woman was no doubt comparing Sirius to. . . well, Sirius. Toru just stared at her parents in confusion.

"Ahem. I'm sorry for such a strange question, but have we met somewhere before?" Situra was able to ask.

Sirius sighed heavily and sat down opposite the invisible family. Luna sat down next to him and patted him on the shoulder, quietly supporting him in this mess. The Wizard looked at Hagakures and let out a low and long groan.

". . . Okay, at least it's better than our meeting after my alcohol trip."

Now Tohru was even more confused, but her parents quickly realized what that meant.

"S-Sirius? But two years ago you were only thirteen?" Tobi muttered.

"I'm technically a little over four hundred and fifteen years old, but who's counting, right?"

Red lightning ran through Sirius's body and in his place was a fifteen-year-old teenager who could easily be recognized as young Black. Toru's parents were so surprised that they became visible, but the girl just dropped her jaw on the floor.

"Well, nice to meet you again, I'm your daughter's teacher. Black Sirius."

Toru fainted.

After Toru woke up, Sirius and Luna explained that no, Sirius had no children. No, Sirius Jr. is not being abused - he doesn't even exist. No, he didn't repeat his drinking trips after that - he decided to keep quiet about the Halloween ritual.

"So, let me get this straight. You are four hundred years old and the form we found you in on the street was only temporary? How did you even live so long?"

"Pure luck and Death's decision."

It's easy to say, the Hagakure family didn't believe the last part of his explanation.


Class 1-A sat waiting for the lesson to begin. They knew that as soon as the bell rang, Sirius would appear at the teacher's desk and begin class. And like clockwork, Sirius did just that. Black looked at his students and did not even try to make a roll call, all the tables were occupied.

"Have a nice day, today I'm going to tell you about the Hero communities in different countries. Can anyone tell me which country uses the same Hero system as Japan?"

Several hands went up in the air and Sirius pointed to Yaoyorozu, the girl stood up and began to answer.

"No country uses the same system as Japan, but America and Countries of Europe are the closest to ours."

"That's right. But today I will talk about systems different from ours. Well, or from yours, I'm still a Brit."

A couple of people laughed at his joke, Sirius waited for them to calm down and continued his lecture.

"The countries we will talk about today are China, Korea, Russia, and Africa.

"As you know, China is a very closed country. All heroes are under the direct control of the state, like almost everyone in the country. This has led to a low crime rate, but also a low quality of life. Unfortunately, this also leads to a massive restriction of personal freedom.

"Unified Korea. A hundred years ago, after the unification war between South and North Korea, a new Korea appeared. The system is a little different from ours, the Heroes there are similar to the Guild system from video games. Each Hero performs tasks laid out in the agency building, combining this with patrols. Life in Korea is quite chaotic, but about the same level of insanity as Japan.

"Now Russia. To be honest, this is one of the few countries that has remained conservative in its ways. Heroes are part of the police force and are technically subordinate to the state, we would have the same if the police were allowed to use their Quirks when apprehending criminals. Interestingly, they don't have a profession like Hero, only organizations like 'Hero for an hour.'

'Why do I feel like I explained that already? Mah, probably nothing.'

"Africa. After the catastrophe in 2183, the country is in a state of civil war, so the system as such does not exist there. America, Iran, and Sweden are trying to provide their assistance, but given that even at the moment there is no unified government in the country, there is little they can do."

Sirius clapped his hands and turned to the blackboard.

"Okay, now we'll talk in more depth about each of these countries. I hope you'll have questions."

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