The Page Where We Left
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The Page Where We Left


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What is The Page Where We Left

Read The Page Where We Left novel written by the author Aislinn_Jasper on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering comedy, sliceoflife, tragedy, ceo, firstlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Nari the girl, whose punches every other guy of her age in her school had tasted. Park Ye Jun, the guy who excessively seemed interested in this tomboy who had entered his life first when she beat the pulp out of his friend. Nari hated Ye Jun but Park Ye Jun never missed a chance of showing his feelings to her. But then why suddenly he left the city and cut ties with everyone, even Nari. Why did he leave Nari alone when she wanted him finally? And what will happen when he finally comes back and Nari hates him again? Join them on the wistful, humourous, and sometimes unpredictable journey of them, The Page Where We Left... The total number of chapters (targeted): 150. Updates: Two chapters daily. The Privileged readers can get access to a sneak peek of further two to four chapters. It's a slow burn so buckle yourself up for A long journey!!!! Catch me on insta: _aislinn_jasper_ or talk to me on discord: Aislinn_Jasper #2125


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I've watched a lot of kdramas and read a lot of novels too and I have to say that this story has so much potential to become a hit melo-romance. Just how the writer will unveil the next chapters makes me excited. This is saved not just in my library but in my memory.


This is my Second Review on this story!! I am hooked up with this story. I mostly open the app just to see the updates for this story🥰. So, one can see how much addicted it made me for this story!! Ye Jun, Nari and Min Jae are the chief characters around which the story is revolving. Their characters has started buliding up and also their relationship. I wanna see how this story unfolds further. Thanks author for creating this kind of story on this platform which I hardly found in the Webnovel.


Wow!! Author has a great potential to make one read romance based novel those who aren't even fond of one. Hooked by the synopsis began reading the chapters. I didn't even realize when I end up reading all the chapters. The story is unique and descriptions are amazing. I could imagine the scenes in front of my eyes. Characters are unique and interesting as well. Will look forward for further chapters!! [img=update][img=update] Good luck Author!!


[img=update][img=update][img=update]This boom has HUGE potential... I didn't even realize when I already finished reading the chapters... so glad that I could read already when the chapters are free...😜😜😜🤭 How I wish that I could read the whole book already


I didn't realize that when I ended reading all the chapters, the author has posted till now. Each chapter was giving me goosebumps, making me read more and more. Reading the chapters it gave me the feel of a live drama, playing in front of me. Park Ye Jun, the ML, who secretly loves the FL, Nari, but isn't aware of his own feelings and same goes with Nari. If you want to read a contemporary story with a nice plot, this story is a must. Don't hesitate and just read it! I am sure you'll get hooked with this. I would like to know and see how their lovestory being knitted by the author. All the best for spirity🥰



5/5 ლ(◉‿◉ ლ) Interesting storyline ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Still a few chappies, and I look forward to more interactions of the lead character to her future love ⌗(́◉◞౪◟◉‵⌗) Keep up the good work! Added to library! ๑(◕‿◕)๑


It must get an drama adaptation!! Beautiful story and amazing character and entertaining plot what else do we need, more chapters!!! Great author-san!!


EVERYTHING was soooo goood. From the prolouge it made read more!! I want more!! P.s. i'm in love with Nari!!😂😂 Looking forward for what happens next! Best of luck!


Definitely one the best think I ever read, And it's still the beginning....... Characters, story and everything was so great i loved it!! A must read for romance genre!!


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