The Outliers - Evolution to the World's Strongest Book

novel - Fantasy

The Outliers - Evolution to the World's Strongest


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In a world where, unbeknownst to most of Earth's population, people with special powers exist, known as Meta-Humans. Such people belong to one of two opposing organizations. The first, known as Harmony, aims to coexist with regular society and protect them from superhuman or supernatural threats while remaining in the shadows. The second, known as Eden, aims to overthrow regular human society and establish a world where the super-powered reign supreme. These two opposing sides have been fighting for centuries, with countless conflicts scattered throughout history. The power balance between the two had remained even for a long time, and in order to tip the scales in their favor, Harmony began a certain project...the creation of nine orbs made using pure, natural power, known as Meta-Orbs. These orbs can grant a person unimaginable power, but right as the creation of these objects is completed, a conflict results in all nine Meta-Orbs being scattered throughout the world...and anyone who comes across them will gain immense power, even normal humans, therefore giving rise to the world's first unnatural Meta-Humans. And so, this ensues a vicious scramble between Eden and Harmony, as both sides look to find the people that come across the Meta-Orbs and take them into custody. These artificially-induced unnatural Meta-Humans are labeled as 'Outliers', and in the span of a few days, all of them have their lives irreversibly changed. Whether this change is for the better or worse, remains to be seen...