The Most OP Protagonist In History
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The Most OP Protagonist In History


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What is The Most OP Protagonist In History

The Most OP Protagonist In History is a popular web novel written by the author Immortal_God420, covering OP-PROTAGONIST, PROTAGONIST STRONG FROM START, ACTION, MODERN, COMEDY, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 632.5K readers with an average rating of 4.7/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 104 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In modern society, the believers of the supernatural are not many and our protagonist was one of them until one day. That day, he realized that he had somehow gained some superpowers which the science cannot explain. He realized that he can control things, people, objects, destiny, life-and-death, and even the world with just his mere words. And this was not the limit of his powers. Time, gravity, celestial bodies....and maybe the heavens itself. Who knows? But, soon he realized that he was not the only one with superpowers in this world. There were others too but, Saksham realized that for some reason, their powers were not as overpowered as his, or to say, their powers were too sh*t compared to his. Follow Saksham in his journey as he finds out the mystery behind his powers and eventually becomes a God-like existence and who would also come to be known as "The Most OP Protagonist In History".


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Alright, let's not look at the narcissist rating I gave to my novel, but get to the main topic. I am re-writing this novel. The previous time I wrote it, I took a big break in the middle and in that break I thought of various ideas and stuff and finally, when I came back, I thought of rewriting all of it. If you are new to this novel, I can assure you that you will have a great time reading this and won't be disappointed.


Lol it's been a while since i read something so well organized and it kept me hooked. Tbh after reading so many novels it was becoming harder and harder to stay hooked with one novel, but this story is a great change from the usual. Thank you Author, keep up the good work!


The MC basically has the Power from the Mc of the Netflix show/series "Preacher" but on a wider scale. Right now we still have a bit naive MC which doesnt really know the limit of his Power, which the Author calls "Soul Power". But over the first 10 chapter the MC try to get to know the limits off his powers and the accuracy or what he needs to say accuratly for the effect he wishs for. I dont have anything in particular to nag about because the gramma is good and so is the spacing of the sentences (not one giant blob of text). And since its really earky for a review i cant really say if the MC smartens up and gets like a Leylin Farlir ( hope i didnt butcher this name/wmw ) or if he will get a "Katekjo hitman reborn" annoying mc. We will see what the future bring but right now this is an absolute and resoundig. "Go read and give the novel a try"


I have absolutely nothing to complain about on this novel. It snatched my interest as soon as I finished reading the first chapter. The content is edited to decency, the summary is solid but like any other I would see which is nice since its simple and understandable...and the cover is probably my favorite part??? Because we don't often see novels that have a typical Indian background, this is a very unique book that traces more of reality. I'm excited to see how this novel will develop in the future so as per requested, I added it in my library! This character is more of my type; not too arrogant but slowly changes through growth of power and knowledge. Lives the normal reality feeling gulity and learns about the right and wrong. Fine job author! But there are many obstacles left to overcome the job of writing so good luck! ✔✔🎈💎👌


The character is a depiction of a real indian family and the whole infamily foghting feels exactly,can relate to a huge degree,The background is so great ,its real,update is good, I love it and recommend whoever is reading this to atleast read ten chapters before you write a bad review




Shameless Author here, with a shameless review. I wrote a novel recently, which is Reincarnate as Prince:Change Magical World with Industry. It was my very first attempt at writing, and there may be some mistakes and errors in it, but I still feel extremely proud of it and enjoy it thoroughly. Please give my story a try and leave some comments for me. Thank you! htt**://rb.gy/sxwmsa




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Reveal spoiler


Have been reading this novel for a long time and of course following it too. Though I am not a person who reads fantasy novels but this novel surely caught my attention and its not just fantasy only but its sooooo funny! Keep the great work going and let us, readers see more of Saksham's adventure. 😉 Thanks to dear author for introducing such a great story!


Some stuffs I don't like but it's good Ivvufcjvkvivivuvvuigohbo ivivivovovovivov iviviv ucucu ucucu Gigi's higiviv ivivivv obobib obovi oviviv viviviv ivivigig


I have no words to say to this but incredible! The story is stable and the flow is entirely good. The image in my mind is crystal clear and it looked as if the characters were alive. The dialogues and their personality, ugh, I really like this. The author is reaaallly great. Will wait for more! 🙆🙌🙏


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Cool story.. Has a vibes of death notes.! 😄 I love their unfamiliar names... So new to me..😍😍 I admit it, I enjoy MC's wittiness.. Involving the readers in such matter was smart move... Writingvquality just need a little polishing.. I don't know about the others, but in my opinion, it's better not to repeat the last paragraph as the opening words of the next chapter.. Overall, great job. Keep it up..👍👍


I'm dropping by to give you a 5-star rating. I actually thought about reading this story before I even knew that you write it. So I will be checking this out very soon. I'm in the middle of writing a new werewolf story on the side of my vampire God story. But I will check this out as soon as I am able to it sounds interesting. Good luck comrade.


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