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When I reached my destination, my eyes fell upon a familiar scene.

The entire farm road was riddled with cracks, while the forest looked like a victim of hydrogen bomb. Half the trees were just stumps now, broken and burnt. The entire surrounding land had deep trenches and holes, with pieces of boulder littering the place like paper balls.

'Damn. How long did we fight here? Less than a minute?'

This was the result of a shuffle between two minor gods for a few seconds? Hell, I wasn't even an actual god back then.

A furious yell broke through my thoughts, and I quickly changed my flight path towards Percy's voice. What I came to witness was a teary eyed Percy sitting behind the Minotaur's back as he broke one of its horns with a furious bellow.

I didn't interrupt, letting the boy fight his own battle. Even though the boy had no weapon, I had faith in my student.

My faith held true when the boy proceeded to finish the thing off with a clever turn of steps, and a stab to the bull's chest with its own horn.

I expected nothing less.

But I also didn't expect him to lose consciousness... so, eh.

Hopefully the Minotaur will stay dead now.

Though if Hades, or gods forbid Gaia, was indeed after this phenomenon, then that hope was bound to break soon.

I caught the boy before he could fall to the ground, before realizing that Sally was nowhere to be seen.

With a frown, I let my senses extend throughout the land, trying to find the woman.

While I did not find Sally, I did pick up something else. A divine authority, way greater than Hercules could ever hope to display. Almost at the level of my father.


A growl of anger left me as I realized the mega bastard was once again poking his nose where it didn't belong.

This was why I didn't pray to Hades. He was too sus.

Looking down at the unconscious boy, I remembered my job. Picking up the Minotaur's horn, I bound the boy in air and tugged him behind me, making my way down the hill with vengeful thoughts for company.

'Hades...Hades will pay. Poseidon might have been dropped from my hit-list...plus I did fuck his old flame so it kinda settles out, but Hades? Hades will pay.

I already knew I would have to confront him one day, but it seems that day will be much sooner than I expected.

I don't know how I'll make him pay, considering he could still crush me like an ant. And after fighting Heracles, I had a good guess at the power of gods in general. Which was why I didn't doubt that he could definitely crush me like an ant.

But I will find a way.

'Maybe I could create a device to...hurt someone close to him. Persephone for instance... yes, capturing her wouldn't be too much of an issue.'

Especially now that I was a tier 7 being.

"You take mine, I take yours." I muttered as the thought strengthened in my head.

I felt absolutely no guilt for thinking about targeting Persephone. Gods have lost all my respect and sympathy. Hera let loose a mad dog on me for absolutely no reason. I may feel a smidgen of guilt for the deaths that happened today...but I blamed Hera and Hercules as the main culprit. And honestly? It was better to live in hatred than in guilt. No matter how small that guilt may be.

The only gods that I will show even a decorum of respect were those who earned it.

Hades hasn't, and neither has his wife.

Thus, I will make him pay, no questions about that.

It was just a matter of time.


[Quest Received: Heroes Collector]

Find 20 Demigod Children in the wild and bring them to safety (18/20)

Reward: 10 Levels

Another demigod successfully rescued, pushing my tally up a point. Two more demigods and I'll receive another 10 levels.

I waved away the notif to focus on the most important thing; namely my status.



Age: 13

Race: God/Angel/Devil Hybrid

Tier: 7

Level 601 (Minor God)

Divine Power 787,000/7,080,000

Holy Power: 1,450,900/7,080,000

Demonic Power: 3,850,000/7,080,000

Stamina: 1,256,070/6,010,000

Health: 856,000/6,210,000


Strength: 611

Speed: 641

Dexterity: 631

Endurance: 601

Constitution: 621

Mental: 48

Spirit: 708

Points: 7


Combat Skills-

Divine Spear-wielding (3/10)

Divine Swordsmanship (2/10)

Master Archer (6/10)

Godly Skills–

Celestial Lightning Bolt (Lvl 3)

Divine Authority (Lvl 4)

Divine Lightning Storm (Lvl 4)

Electric Healing (Lvl 4)

Lightning Travel (Lvl 6)

Wind Tornado (Lvl 7)

Lightning Storm (Lvl 9)

Divine Lightning Bolt (Max)

Electric Discharge (Max)

Flying (Max)

Lightning Manipulation (Max)

Wind Manipulation (Max)

Air Manipulation (Max)

Holy Power Skills–

[Angelic Form]– 4-Winged Angel

Holy Lightning Discharge (Lvl 5)

Holy Lightning Manipulation (Lvl 6)

Holy Weapon Creation (Max)

Holy Power Manipulation (Max)

Demonic Skills–

Defensive Magic: Aegis (Lvl 1)

Energy Creation (Lvl 1)

Magical Item Creation (Lvl 1)

Lightning Manipulation (Lvl 7)

Concealment Magic (Lvl 8)

Hypnosis Magic (Lvl 9)

Object Creation (Max)

Demonic Power Manipulation (Max)

Defensive Magic: Barrier (Max)

Magical Skills–

Mist Manipulation (Lvl 8)

Mist Sense (Lvl 9)

Mystiokinesis Sense (Lvl 9)

Other Skills–

Expert Blacksmith (3/10)

Expert Actor (6/10)

Expert Lover (8/10)

Expert Seducer (9/10)

Master Charmer (2/10)

Master Strategist (2/10)

Master Hunter (6/10)

Master Tracker (9/10)

Divine Chess Player (1/10)


Lightning Resistance (Max)

Poison Resistance (Lvl 9)

Pain Resistance (Lvl 6)

Mystiokinesis Resistance (Lvl 6)

Celestial Radiance Resistance (Lvl 6)

Magical Affinities:

Divine Lightning: 70/100

Holy Light: 70/100

Lightning: 90/100

Light: 90/100

I laid back on my bed with a relaxed sigh, observing my stats with supreme contentment

After three years of draught, I've finally progressed past the blockage that was Tier 6. Seriously, it took me more time to progress past this single Tier than it did to all the others combined.

Still, the results were well worth it.

I was now around Azazel in level, and almost equal to Hephaestus in power. And all this without taking Stormbreaker into account.

With my divine weapon by my side, my raw power has now even surpassed Dionysus.

But more importantly, I could definitely stand toe-to-toe with my mother now, without ever feeling like a burden.

Moreover, the achievement I'd received for defeating Hercules also increased the levels of all my skills by one, maxing out some more of em'.

Three of my demonic powers had maxed out completely. But instead of giving me some huge boost in the existing skills, I realized that they'd given me some entirely new skills. And just a single glance was making my blood boil in excitement.

Magical Item Creation (Lvl 1)

Energy Creation (Lvl 1)

Defensive Magic: Aegis (Lvl 1)

The first, magic item creation, was obviously from maxing out object creation. I hadn't tried anything yet, but just the words 'magic items' was enough to get an idea.

Who knows, in the future I might be able to create potions and stuff. Perhaps even magical metals like Celestial bronze or Stygian Steel?

Maybe one day I will be able to create my own Divine equipment, like a full body suit. I didn't know the limits yet, but it had a lot of potential.

The second, energy creation, came from maxing out demonic power manipulation. If I was guessing correctly from the name, the skill would help me create a new type of energy. Or perhaps recreate the existing types.

I did create Baraqiel's Holy Lightning after all. Though that was more due to my own affinity for Holy and Lightning energy, so I didn't create it out if nothing exactly.

But perhaps now I could create similar forms of energy without having an affinity for them. It definitely had some serious potential.

The last, Defensive Aegis, was a no brainer, and also the only spell I'd tested currently. Instead of a flat barrier it creates an aegis around me. But at level 1, it could only produce a single barrier, making it really weak. Though that was relative to my barrier magic that combines the durability of 10 barriers at Lvl 10.

Nonetheless, with my 708 spirit supplying it with the raw power of a True god, it should still be an overpowered ability.

Well, I was going to explore my abilities at this very instance. I had a whole night to spend afterall.

And sleep wasn't going to take me right now anyway.

So onto work I go!


"You failed." The words spoken were cold and emotionless. And yet, Heracles left his divinity waver at the being's words.

"You only had to push him enough to see his true power before retreating, fool." Ares taunted from the side, sneering down at his once rival. "Instead, you came back cut up in pieces. What a loser. See the difference between us now? You never defeated me, you minor mongrel. I let you defeat me! So that...ah...so that I can fool my family and hide my true strength! Aha!"

Heracles kept quiet. He wanted to challenge the jerk of a war god but Ophis was more important now. He can humiliate this insult of an Olympian later. Like everyone always does.

"You failed." The words were spoken again, and Ares quietened immediately. "You shall not fail again. I, will not let you."

The being raised her hands and the power that collected on her palm would've made Zeus's attacks look like a child's tantrums. A snake slowly formed, black as the deepest night, and excluding enough power to utterly dominate the entire room.

"Consume." The words were a command, and Heracles knew he had no choice.

At any other time, he would never accept this...this slave collar disguised as gift. He would leave this group instead of accepting such horrible power. But he had no choice, he knew. No choice at all.

Revealing his true form to father's favourite mortal had been utterly foolish. And now he cannot even count on his family for protection.

And thus, the Co-leaders of khaos brigade became witness to the transformation of Heracles into...a wretch.

The people shuddered, but they could feel the minor god's power increasing. So even as reptilian scales disfigured the god, they grew hungry.

"You will work together with Ares. You will not fail again."

Once again, the words were simple, with no hidden meanings or inflections. And yet, for Heracles, the words might as well have been laws. Laws that he must follow, one way or the other.

And he will. He will follow the orders of his new mistress, whatever they may be.

Even if he had to lay his life to complete them.

"Now leave. You as well, Ares. "

After the departure of Heracles and Ares, the Khaos Brigade started on the more important matters.

"My magicians have confirmed that two years ago, the goddess Bast had indeed escaped from the Duat, my lady." Euclid Lucifuge announced calmly. "Apophis is free for the taking. A human magician used her paltry life force to close the rift between the Duat, yet it is weak. It is more than I would expect of a human, but it gives us a clear opportunity."

"I, see."

"On the Norse side of things, Loki has been working from shadows to secure his freedom. We simply need to supply it to him and he will join us without too many problems. Thor on the other hand, has once again lost his hammer. Perhaps we could steal it an–"

"No." Ophis' voice rang out. "Thor is too wild."

There was a moment of silence, comfortable only for Ophis, before her voice rang out again.

"I, wish to know more of the three factions."

"Ahh...t-the three factions." The startled Katarea stuttered, before finally taking a deep breath and calming herself. "Well...Gabriel has been promoted to High-class devil status after she discovered the plot of king pieces, and is now working to unite the three factions with...uhh, varying degree of success. All the factions have traitors in their midst however, and I'm doing my best to incite rebellion. If all works out well then we will have them start a new Great War in less than a decade. We can offer Beelzebub and Lucifer our services in return of their help in the fight against Great Red."

The tiny girl nodded in satisfaction. "Good."

Again, the silence dominated the room.

"And you Cao Cao?" Ophis asked. "What news do you have?"

The one addressed was a handsome young boy, with a confident and charming smile on his face.

"We will soon have gathered a fearsome army, my lady." The boy said with a small graceful bow. "With our funding, I've managed to buy the services of skilled mercenaries, all preparing for war. Soon I shall lead my team into the depths of hell to bargain with Hades for the Titan's sarcophagus. With the Titans leading the charge, and our direct support behind them. There is simply no chance of the Greek gods winning this war. Even should they discover our plot."


The morning of the next day bought with it a new sense of excitement. I may not have achieved any substantial progress towards my divinity like I was hoping for, but the new skills were more than enough to keep me busy for now.

Plus I could feel the divinity in my bones, waiting to take form...if this was what I'd theorized it was, then I was so very close to achieving my own domain.

'That's when the true fun will begin.'

When the sun had finally reached to a comfortable height, I left my cabin and made way for the big house.

One of the Apollo healers had informed me of Percy's awakening, and I was sure the boy would love to see a friendly face after that horrible night.

Halfway upon my path, I noticed a figure running away from the big house and called out to her with a growing smile. "Annabeth!"

The girl changed directions the moment she heard me, sprinting towards me in a mad dash.

"Woah there Anna lite, slow down would you?"

"You're awake!" She exclaimed before throwing herself at me.

I laughed, catching her body midair and spinning her around. "I am. Sorry I didn't talk to you yesterday, I was a little...tired."

Nope, I was angsty and wanted to make an instant god-slaying weapon.

"Of course you were, dummy." Anna chuckled, shaking her head. "Anyone will be, after fighting off Heracles himself! Your name is all around the Olympus by the way. It even came on this month's edition of Olympus monthly magazine. Apparently some of them on Olympus are already making statues and monuments in your name, which is ridiculous, but as you say, whatever."

Most of her words went away like wind over me as I caught onto the most worrying bit.

"...How did they see the fight?" I asked, frowning.

I knew about the magazine of course, it gave all the news around Olympus, including dates on new episodes of Hephaestus TV, and info on new and upcoming heroes. I was already pretty famous in Olympus before this, especially when I started rescuing demigods.

It had been bit of a surprise when out of nowhere, father informed me that I'd formed a reputation around Olympus as the most badass and kind hero of this generation.

So anything related to me was bound to spread across the realm. What I did not expect was the speed with which the news spread.

'Did one of the wind gods rat me out?' I frowned, thinking. 'Zephyros is Hephaestus TV's weather reporter isn't he? Maybe I need to pay the wind gods a visit and...convince (bully) them to stop spying on me.'

"Oh, they didn't." Annabeth cut through my thoughts. "No one knows how you survived, just that Lady Hera sent Hercules after you and you lived to tell the tale. Though Hercules hasn't returned to guard the gates of Olympus and people think he is very angry."

I heaved a breath of relief. "Well, that's good."

Then, I mussed the hair of the panting girl and removed my gift from the inventory.

With a smile I looked back at Annabeth, only to find her staring at the floor bashfully, her cheeks flaming red.

Snorting, I realized the cause was my hand, that still resting on her head.

I casually stepped back, hoping to not make her even more awkward, before extending a small box towards her. "Here, Anna lite. The gift that I promised you."

She tentatively reached out and plucked the box from my hand, though still not quite looking up.

"What's this?" She asked in a quiet voice.

"Why don't you find out?" I smirked.

With a small tug, she clacked open the simple wooden box to find a not so simple present awaiting her.

It was a bracelet, but far from ordinary.

Shaped as a thick arm band, it was almost an inch in width, glowing with a golden hue unique to Celestial Bronze; Something that I'd gotten after melting a random sword from the Armory, before recrafting it into this beauty.

It had three different compartments, which can be turned and pressed like Benten's watch (My source of motivation, yes) to access each one of them.

First compartment contained a small photo-album of with me, Thalia, Annabeth, and Luke; all taken in the time of monsters war.

The second compartment was a micro gun attached to its side that shot electric shots. As long as Annabeth could supply it with Divine Power, the device will keep working. For this, I'd taken inspiration from Black Widow's Widow Bite (Yes yes, I was plagiarizing fictional items, so what?).

Third compartment was an empty space that extended outwards to become big enough that she could keep her dagger in it.

This was my first success with magic item creation. The phone and Demigod-finding device did not count considering how much the Hephaestus cabin had helped me in that.

But I didn't need anyone's help to craft magical items anymore. Now, I was a true creator.

"Well, Anna." I squinted at the sun, realizing it has gotten quite late in the morning. "I'm sure you're dying to know all of its functions so I'll leave you alone. Ba-bye."

I was just about to move past her when she suddenly whirled around and wrapped herself to me in a tight hug.

"Thank you." She whispered quickly, before taking off towards the cabins again.

I shook my head with a snort at the girl, before making my way for the big house.

Percy was sitting beside Chiron and Mr. D on the front deck with a pinochle board in between, talking animatedly to the wine god and looking quite worked up.

"...but Mikael only said that gods existed, not how. What about science then? How can people go to space if it doesn't exist? Science is still above gods–

"Science!" Mr. D scoffed, cutting off the boy. "And tell me, Perseus Jackson, what will people think of your 'science' two thousand years from now? Hmm? They will call it primitive mumbo jumbo. That's what. Oh, I love mortals, they have absolutely no sense of perspective. They think they've come so-o-o far. And have they, Chiron? Look at this boy and tell me. Have they?"

"What about spaceships then?" Percy insisted. "Where do they go if there is no space?"

"I'll take over from here." I interrupted before the boy can get even more confused.

"Ah, Mikael! So good of you to join us; we have four for pinochle now!" Mr. D exclaimed.

"Didn't I tell you I'll only join for chess?" I frowned down at the wine god. "Chess is the real man's board game."

"Bah, Chess!" Mr. D spat in disgust. "Don't even make me get started on that one. Somehow they move a few plastic pieces and believe themselves to be war veterans. Mortals do so amuse me."

"Oh, shut up." I snorted with a smirk. "You're only saying that because you can't, for the life of you, think more than two moves ahead."

"Like you always say—whatever, Michelle Ferguson, I can't care for a game that goes on for hours without anyone making a move."

With that, the god got up and turned to leave, ignoring my mocking huff.

"You know you will never convince him of that ever again, don't you?" Chiron said from his wheelchair. "I fear Mr. D is still angry about that embarrassing loss you delivered him two years ago."

A wide smile fixed on my face as I remembered the glorious day. "Serves him right..."

"Please, Mr. Brunner! Mikael!" A desperate Percy called. "I don't understand— how can we visit mars and moon if they aren't real?"

Chiron and I looked down at the boy in pity.

"Well, there is still much to be taught, I fear. The usual orientation film wouldn't suffice for you. Mikael? Would you like to show Percy around the camp?"

"Sure, Chiron." I answered, patting the boy on the shoulder. "C'mon then, Perce. You've got a long day ahead."

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