2439 Three Gifts

It did not take long for the test results to come back.

Across several different battlefields, a handful of units received secretive 'upgrades' to their Blessed Squires.

Nothing much had changed aside from some sort of software date and the addition of a new dial in their cockpits.

The male Hexer mech pilots who had the privilege of piloting these blessed mechs received some very basic instructions on how to use the latest addition to their mechs.

"The Miracle Couple has come up with something that will help us thwart the Glow Crushers. Pay attention to this dial and the corresponding neural command. By default, the glow of your mech is unrestrained. If any of the counters to your mech comes close, you need to retract it as close to your mech as possible. To do that, just turn this dial counter-clockwise or issue a more precise command to your mech through your neural interface."

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