6 Chapter 6: Babysitter Shyn

"Shhhhh- Shoot!" I almost cursed at him! What is he doing sneaking in someone else's room? "Who are you?!" I thought someone is guarding the door?! I leaned slightly on my side and peeked at the bodyguard.

He is still... on the chair in the same position before I fell asleep. Does he even move? Oh my ghhm!

My head automatically shook; I rolled my eyes, then averted my attention to the widely open door... I leaned my back on the hospital bed's headboard, then crossed my arms. There is a strange man in a black suit standing beside my bed... "Who are you?" And, since when did he came here?

I heard multiple shoes clacking from the outside, and it's getting louder.... It is Mr. Smith! Unlike a while ago, he looks like a normal old man now that he changed with casual clothes... not in a suit nor that corporal, formal long-sleeved shirt. Although, I bet that is not just normal clothes, they are probably branded and worth my living expenses for a couple of months.

"Mr. Smith... why did you come back here? I thought you left already?" And with that, I mean within the day! I thought he is not coming here until tomorrow! I tried to sound happy saying it, but I think I sounded awkwardly sad instead...

"Ahh," he chuckled. "My meeting got cancelled, and I do not have any more appointments for the day. I also want to talk to you more. Even though, I know you need to rest, I can't help but to run back here."

What am I supposed to say after that? Should I laugh? But there is nothing even funny about it! I am also bad at smiling at people to the point that I make kids cry...

"Do not worry, Mr. Smith will not force you to act like his granddaughter right away." Someone near me said. Wait... right away? What do you mean by right away?! The man in a black suit who barged into my room is smiling like we are so close. I almost forget about him.

"Shyn, you must have already met Ava." Mr. Smith said while smiling from ear to ear.

Shyn nodded, then stared at me intently with his brown and almond shaped eyes.

"Ava, this is Shyn and he will help you out from now on, especially when you are in trouble." I feel alarmed hearing that from Mr. Smith while he is comfortably smiling. Is he just happy to see me? Or the trouble part is so normal to him that it is just- not that alarming? Well, considering the way I am now, he probably thinks I am troublemaker. That is one for sure.

My kind of trouble is the kind that led me to this hospital bed. And- It is just, I thought that when he mentioned trouble, it is like what most dramas show in TV; People will be attacked, kidnapped or something... but, I think he is talking about my trouble. I want to facepalm so bad...

But that will not be a problem, really. I know how to defend myself! Except, I am in this state right now for being so careless... I can only sigh at this situation. Do I even have a choice to to say no here? I do not want to be the long lost princess of his family. There must have been a reason why my mom ran away from them in the first place, right?

"Ava?" I almost jumped due to Mr. Smith's sudden voice! Crap! I am zoning out more lately, my old self is coming back...

"I, uhm, I don't- I don't need any-" Mr. Smith cut me off.

"Ava... I do not want to find you like that again. I do not want to lose anymore of Jayva's..." His shoulders dropped, "You are her treasured daughter, and my precious granddaughter. I want to protect you just as much as how she would have wanted..."

How she would have wanted? So he knew what happened about mom...? About what happened to us? He does not want to lose anymore of my mother's what? A piece of her somehow?

"I- I understand..." With that sad face that he is making, it is unfair! How am I not suppose to pity- ugh, but I can't stay here! ... but, I can't go back to my place for a few weeks either. My mind is going crazy!

I breathed out, and bit my lip. My eyes shifted to Shyn. Well, Shyn might not be that bad. He looks a couple years older than me. He is tall, he is not that skinny, he is not that fat either, but I think he lacks muscle, unlike the big bulky guys in Gladiolus. He wears glasses so, that will be a problem when the time comes... or be my advantage when I will decide to run away from him.

I can't help but sigh, my shoulders dropped and my gaze went directly to Mr. Smith shifting to Shyn... "So, he is a bodyguard?"

"Huh? A body- A bodyguard?" Shyn raised his brows.

What? Am I wrong? Does he prefer babysitter then?

"Ah... you can- you can call me that, yes, but I really want to be called by my name. Call me Shyn, please."

Unlike the other men in black suits, he is way too talkative, it itches my ears. He is creepily smiling cutely too. He is most likely the guy who is funny and will be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse, a great character but die easily... what a shame.

The way Shyn cheerfully smiles, and unhesitatingly talk to Mr. Smith... it seems like he is comfortable around Mr. Smith, they even look close.

Anyway, "Can I ask a question? When can I get out of here? This is a hospital right?" Yeah, I can't recognize the streets when I peeked outside, I just assumed it is. But then again, Mr. Smith is crazy rich. This might be his hotel or building with a mini hospital or something, I don't know. It is not possible that I am far away from my city, right?

"Yes, Miss Ava. We are in a hospital." Shyn said smiling. "You can go home as soon as you like, but of course, you would be resting at home... with nurses and a private doctor, so there is no difference of being hospitalized in here."

Somewhat... I really do not get the point of asking these people, worse, I will be stuck with them, especially to this weird, cheery, Shyn guy...

This is bad... Even though, I think it's safe here because I can get protection from them, there is no way I am going to stay here...

I need to get out of here!

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