5 Chapter 5: The Goosebumps

Mr. Smith's daughter.... is my mom? No matter how I take different routes in my brain to connect everything and try to understand, my brain ended up in tangles instead.

Even if those pictures are not fake... what would they want from me? Why would they want me? Just because I am my mother's daughter? Probably, they don't even know a single thing about me and my mom after she left that family.

I shrugged my head with the unwanted thoughts, and my eyes landed on the things at the end of my white hospital bed. This laptop, it's that number one popular brand for, I don't know, consecutive years. I see this black butterfly logo everywhere...

I shook my head sideways and threw my thoughts away. Ugh! I'm getting a little distracted again! My head is betraying me, I... I feel sensitive...because of... all that head shake...

I am dizzy...


My mind is circling in darkness, I can surely feel my eye movements, but the strength to open my eyes is not yet enough...

... Oh, God! I remember, I passed out...

It is still daytime, it is obviously bright outside even though the curtains are closed. I shifted my gaze, and the things I asked for are still here, and placed on the side table.

The guy guarding the door is still seated exactly how he was seated a while ago. Is he still even alive? He can breathe and move around if he wants to. At least that way, I know that there is no dead person with me enclosed in this hospital room.

I grabbed the glass of warm water and stared at nowhere... Come to think of it... Mr. Smith really looks someone with power and authority. Maybe he is a business tycoon or something...

I smacked my lips and cleared my throat, "Hey, do you mind telling me anything about your boss?"

"Young miss? Do you mean your grandfather?"

"Who? Oh, no, but yeah... sure! Yes, him..." Whatever!

"Mr. Smith owns 'Imagoverse Tech', one of the top electronic manufacturing companies in the world. I know nothing more about him since our ears are closed for everything personal, if that was what you wished to hear, Miss."

"That is it?" Just as I thought, the old man is too scary or powerful to get betrayed by anyone... but I am not asking for dirty or illegal stuffs! I am surprised by how crazy rich he is, but I do not even need that information! "Well, nevermind." Why did I even bother asking him when I have these...

Typing... Mr. Smith of Imagoverse Tech...

Hmm, Mr. James Smith Senior, owner of Imagoverse Tech... it is this laptop's brand logo? So his company manufactured this product... **whutdafzyxhsdmsl** He is this rich?! Then I have more reasons to doubt why I am here!

Children are James Smith Jr., Jane Smith, Janeth Smith, and Jayva Smith. The Smith family... known for their success on developing advance electronic gadgets that helps bring communication to the... next level? What are these?

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Imagoverse Tech.

Smith Group's Ima-

Smartphone Imagove-

These are not the information I want!

Sure... my mom have this rich, out of the blue dad, and three siblings that are successful with this imagoverse thing, but isn't there any useful information about them? Him? ... about my mom? Why did she left? Why did they let her leave? And, all of the sudden, why do they want me?

What kind of people are they? What kind of person is he... at least, something like that, not about a company! Articles or something! Good or bad! Anything!

"Or you can just asked Mr. Smith with what you really want to know." The breath that faintly blew my ears bring me shivers that brought something crawling on my skin ! Ugh! Goosebumps!

"Shhhhh- Shoot! Who are you?!" I thought someone's guarding my door?!

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