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The Last Embrace


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The Last Embrace is a popular web novel written by the author Lizabelle88, covering ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, FANTASY, ACTION, MAGIC, VAMPIRE LOVESTORY, BEAUTIFUL FEMALE LEAD, MALE LEAD, MODERN, SWEET ROMANCE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 2M readers with an average rating of 4.54/5 and 49 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 472 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


(Completed) In the 20th century... Fed up by the savage vampires merciless slaughter on humans, the anti-vampire vaccine was finally created by humans to protect themselves. The vaccine was able to annihilate 90% of vampires' race on earth. With nowhere to go and trapped below the ground, the remaining vampire clan needs to survive, it's either adopt... become mortal and survive...or perish! Prince Adam was assigned the task to take care of the mortal being named Jessy, she's the girl that was chosen in the prophecy. Her blood once ingested by vampires' can transformed them into human beings, fangs gone within seven days, guaranteed. Prince Adam fell in love with Jessy... the girl that was destined to marry his brother, Prince Zain. Prince Zain and Jessy's union will secure the vampires' royal lineage... their offspring will bring forth a new race of powerful crossbreed, and one day the vampire race shall reign supreme again on earth. To secure the safety of the newly vampire mortals, Jessy has to make a big sacrifice... that will change her life forever. Adam and Jessy's love for each other... will be tested to the very end. ***I commissioned the cover from the artist shashika2 in Fiverr. ~My other novels in this site~ * The CEO's Painted Skin ~ Contemporary romance, 510 chapters~ Completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife~ 117 chapters, Ongoing. * The Tale Of Three Sisters : Fantasy Romance, Adventure. Ongoing. * The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny~ Vampire, Demon's, Shapeshifter. Ongoing.

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Let me just say I am rooting for Adam and Jess. But I feel sorry for Zain. The theme of the story is brilliant, a little cliche, but all in all its very good. I really like Adam's character development. The story is really easy to read. I just hope that you my dear author won't break Adam and Jessy apart! OR ELSE!!! hehe.. Kidding! :) Goodluck Author! More updates please!


This is my second review for this work. And I post it not to rate the writing quality or stability of updates, but to say a big 'thank you' to the Author! Lizabelle, I like your novel very much! Please, continue writing your story. It's wonderful! I know that writing is hard work but you do well. Always looking forward to the new chapters! Keep it up!


A novel that makes me cry from the time I found out Adam will die. I really love this story. I hardly read vampire novels. But this one got me going nonstop. I've fallen for this story. Keep it up author. Thanks


Reveal spoiler


Welp!! This is a fantastic novel, if I say so, author. Leaving, the minor mistakes it's all good to go. Just wondering why u made avolune for each chapter tho. I can see the usefulness of it, as I'm a writer myself but it's weird. Other than that, it feels very much like a Hollywood movie about vampires. Good job and best of luck!!


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A few grammar issues here and there. There are a few issues with verb tense switching, but the characters are vividly written. Overall, it's an enjoyable read. :)


Reveal spoiler


Just leave the mension Adam.I want to see how you could survive in your second life. It seems that you still have your power as a vampire. But how strong your power is...of course it depends on how the writer plots your in the next chapter. I really like the novel. It's not only entertaining but also emusing.. please give me a longer and cooler chapter


Pretty good love story aimed towards women. Possessive vampire husband x half-human girly. It's quite fluffy when developing the love between the main duo, but needs a bit of editing when it comes to grammar. Overall, a nice story to read while drinking something warm and bittersweet. >3</


After I watched the Twilight series, I fell in love with the vampire fiction! Gosh! This one is damn cute! Just keep writing and don't let readers wait.


Over this novel is going in a good direction. There are sentence structure issues, some sentences are also incomplete, wrong use of 'her'...From reading, it looks to be written in the present tense. However, there are also some errors with the use of the past tense. I like the plot and the general idea of this novel. With some editing, this would be an even greater novel. Good going author. Not your typical vampire stories...give this one a read.


It's a cute story. I like it. I like the vampire vaccine it's not something I've personally read of before when reading vampire stories. I think it's very unique! I thought it was pretty crafty of him when he was checking her out in chapter 7 and when she asked him he was like, "I'm just looking at your pretty roses." LOL!!! I think there are a few grammar errors here and there but overall it's good. With more work and practice I'm sure it'll turn into a really good story.


Love the cute interactions between the characters! Keep on writing and never stop please ^^ There are a few grammar mistakes here and there (I suffer from those myself) but other than that, it is really nice.


You've got a nice start, dear author! Keep up the good work! 😊😊 Jessy's and Adam's interactions are really cute! Continue writing this, alright?!




very interesting story.........I like it so much ....I love the main character of . this story..........


Great book so far. Cant wait to tead more. i am in live with the characters And tye has lot. I cant put it diwn. What will happen next?


Liz has been persistent and completed the book No matter no comment or review She is awesome. Good translation Three cheers for liz Hip hip hooray Hip Hip hooray Hip Hip hooray


This is the book that made me cry so hard during its first parts... Their young love has been so pure. I like how the heroine's characters got stronger and how supportive the guy with her.


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