The Knight of Ruin(DxD)

In his past life, Romonus Gremory was named Andrew. He was brought over to this new world because of his boss Rahvdall, the god of Insanity. He was tasked with breaking the fate of DxD or Canon because gods like his boss feed on the chaos of broken fate to grow stronger. Romonus is all for it as he gets to enjoy the perks of being in a lewd world like DxD.

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106 Chs

A Few Last Loose Ends and Time Skip.

Once Hanezu, Agusta, and Walburga were dealt with, he focused on the gestating Utsusemi. Azazel could take and learn from them since they were made by combining the research of Glenda, Lavinia's former mentor, and what Sataneal stole from Grigori. 

Romonus took the gestating capsule of Cowardly Leo for himself. He focused on the creature floating in an alchemical liquid as it developed. Out of the corner of his eye, he could also see how Walburga was trying to get the collar off her neck, but she could not remove it anytime soon with her weak magic. 

"Don't bother my kitten; that collar is staying on." 

Walburga snarled and whined as the little purple bell rang when she moved. 

"But I am not a cat." 

He turned his head as the capsule of Leo floated behind him. 

"Do you want me to give you a tail? I can make a vibrating tail to put on you." 

Walburga sat up and placed her hands on her lap with a for-once freaked-out look. 

"I am sorry." 

He chuckled as this was going to be fun. 

"You better be because I can be a nice pet owner or a mean master. Pick your poison." 

Walburga thought about it quickly before she made up her choice. 


Romonus broke into a hearty laugh as one of the main villains of the Light Novel acted like a cat for him. He would never let her let this down because it was too funny. 

He slashed Ruin Maker before him and tore space open to create a purple portal. With a thought, Walburga flew through the air until he grabbed her by her nape. He put her on his shoulder, which lacked large spikes like some other sections of his armor. 

"Come on then." 

He walked through the portal back into his house, where his guests had been waiting. They were all confused when they saw him return with the giant gestation capsule and Walburga, except for Lavinian, who recognized her. 


When Walburga saw Lavinian, she opened her mouth to begin her crazy, but before she could speak, her mouth was covered up with tape. Walburga began to scratch at the tape, but it would not come off until everyone was gone. 

"I can safely say that other than Satanael, the Utsusemi Agency is done for. Their leader and operatives are all dead. Agusta Of Purple Flames is dead, and her Sacred Gear is mine. The students are saved, the Evil Fiends are all secured, and Tobio is alive. I think I did good work these past few days."

Azazel started to laugh before he broke out into a complete, hearty laugh. 

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! Really? It has been what? Like three weeks since the sinking of the Cruise Ship, and in that time, you have already destroyed the Agency. How is that fair?" 

Romonus dispelled Archaon as he sat back on his couch. He placed Walburga next to him and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. 

"Oh, you know, Dark Rituals that would kill an average person don't affect me. I am a Demon, and the rules don't apply to me. Would you like me to go on?" 

Azazel shook his head as if happy. 

"Nah, I am good. I rather not hear you brag about how powerful you are." 

That reminded Romonus of something. 

"Why don't you just ask Valerie to do an upgrade for you? She could strengthen your Fallen Angel bloodlines like she has done for Akeno. I don't think she will stop at six sets of wings because of her active Divine Blood." 

Azazel and Baraqiel looked at each other because this was true. Valerie could do that because, at this point, she had mastered the Sephiroth Graal more than any other wielder in history. 

By being Romonus' Bishop, drinking his blood daily, and her Pure Vampire heritage meant she was not subject to the biggest weakness of the previous wielders. Romonus, though, popped their bubble. 

"Of course, you must wait until she finishes modifying my family. Then you can go next." 

Akeno giggled when she saw how disappointed Azazel and her father were. 

"Even with all her advantages, she can't just modify people willy-nilly. It takes her a whole week to get rid of the corruption to her heart and soul by the Graal. However, that might have been reduced to 5 days because she is still getting stronger." 

It was also because Romonus himself was getting stronger because of his rising power. By the time he finished his ascension into a Demon God, she and Vespera would truly become Vampires who feed on the blood of a God. 

He smiled to himself because his goal of this life was almost upon him. He just had to get five ingredients to add to the ritual, and he would have the complete Devil bloodline and their abilities at his disposal. 

He let go of Walburga and removed her mouth tape. 

"Go on, and do not try to kill anything or burn anything." 

She ran away once given a chance but could not do much since he had her soul under his control. He stood up and decided to speak. 

"Now that the Utsusemi Agency is destroyed, what now? Their research will be split between Grigori and Grauzauberer. I just took Leo here for myself." 

Suzaku turned to Mephisto and Azazel, who, from the look of things, were already planning on leaving. Their forces informed them that Archaon had left no survivors and that the research was intact.

"I think I will be returning to my clan." 

She walked toward Akeno and wrapped her arms around her. 

"I am sorry I could not save my aunt and your mother. But I promise to do my best to change the rotten system from within." 

Akeno smiled as she hugged Suzaku back. 

"Thank you." 

The hug was short but heartwarming. Suzaku stepped away and gave a bow before she teleported back to the Himejima clan. Mephisto nodded to himself before he turned to Lavinia. 

"We can leave. Things are settled." 

Lavinia nodded. 

"Of course." 

She tapped her staff on the floor and teleported back to Grauzauberer. As for Azazel, he yawned as if he had done tiring work. 

"I am leaving. You don't mind if Baraqiel stays, right?" 

Romonus shook his head. 

"Nah, this is a good chance for Akeno and Baraqiel to talk as Father and Daughter after three years of tragedy." 

Azazel nodded. 

"Oh, by the way, Ajuka and I are almost done with your Time Chamber." 

That made Romonus happy because he had been expecting it for months. 


Once Azazel teleported back to Grigori, Baraqiel walked over to Romonus on the couch. He bowed 90% and refused to look up. 

"I don't know how to repay you, Romonus. If you ever need anything from me, ask, and I will go to the ends of the Earth to deliver. You saved my daughter and will bring back the love of my life." 

Akeno stood next to her Father and placed her hand on his back. 

"Dad, you don't need to bow." 

Romonus nodded as Akeno made Baraqiel sit up. 

"She is right. You are Family now since you are going to be my Father-In-Law. So, you don't have to kneel to me. Go the both of you. Catch up because you more than deserve it." 

Baraqiel and Akeno smiled as they decided to share a meal like they used to. They wanted to recreate one of the dishes that Shuri used to make for them. Once they left, Romonus crossed his arms behind his head and kicked his feet on his couch. 

He even removed his heavy black boots as he relaxed into them. He was glad that the Utsusemi Agency was over, and as soon as Satanael was caught, he would be free to start his travels. 

He smiled as he closed his eyes and took a rare nap. He deserved it after the many events he had gotten himself involved in. 


After eradicating the Utsusemi Agency, time began to pass with some pretty significant events. Romonus used his mastery of dark rituals to track down Satanael before he could cause more danger. 

Azazel and all his Cadre moved together against Satanael, defeating him and his Sacred Gear holders. Rather than kill him, they sealed him away because Azazel might find some use in him later. 

Arondight was recovered, and the entire Utsusemi Agency was officially extinct. Once they were dealt with, Romonus and his allies had plenty of free time. Some major agreements were made between the factions. 

Amaterasu had kept her word by putting more control on her Clans. She and her sons, who sired them, returned to run them because they had become dogmatic, and their methods were far too wasteful. 

They exiled members who, while not having active Divine Blood, were still talented in their own right. From what Romonus had heard, the five sons of Amaterasu had descended after agreeing to sire a few Demigods among the clans with maidens who volunteered. 

This way, the clans' diluted Divine Blood could be purified again. The sons of Amaterasu were not like Zeus, so they only did this out of necessity, not lust. However, the maidens who had agreed to this had enjoyed their first times with the gods. 

They had requested that the gods visit them more, which the gods agreed to. Romonus silently nodded in approval, hearing that the five clans' maidens had successfully been impregnated with Demigods. 

 Romonus also informed Serafall about his agreement with Amaterasu, which she felt was an excellent idea. She thought having a closer tie to the Shinto gods would be advantageous, so she joined the meetings with Grauzauberer, Grigori, and the Principal Clans. 

The new heads of the clans, along with Suzaku, had started to imprison and purge fanatical members of the Clans. Akeno and Tobio were even welcomed back as members of the Himejima Clan, which allowed them to start reading more about their family history and access more magic tomes of the Clan. 

As for Romonus, he successfully convinces Tobio to become his Mutation Knight, and Kouki decides to become his second Pawn. With that, Romonus' Peerage was a step closer to being complete. 

He needed a Queen, a second Knight, 3 Pawns, and one Mutation Pawn. He still hadn't chosen someone for that but had someone in mind. Serafall had been meeting with the Shinto gods and officially met with Grigori because Azazel was Romonus' friend. With two Super Devils and a Demon on the Satan Faction side, the Great King Faction was forced to compromise as an alliance, and a peace treaty with Grigori was signed. 

That was not all because Serafall also got into a meeting with King Ulric, the Werewolf King who had slaughtered the Tepes Faction. Romonus called him to thank him for his venom and told him that he had sent Serafall as an envoy.

The Werewolf King welcomed Serafall and quickly agreed to enter an alliance with the Devils. Romonus had already promised to help them take the Carmilla Faction, and when the cleansing of the Underworld started, Ulric's werewolves would be there for the slaughter. 

Azazel even sent diplomats to speak with Ulric, and Grigori didn't just sign an alliance with Devils but also the Werewolves. Romonus even called the Corpse Ghost Sect, who also decided to throw in their lot with Romonus. 

He was already a heavy hitter, and two of their biggest rivals were dead because of him. When the wider Supernatural world heard of these new alliances and peace treaties signed, they began to hear the name Romonus G. Bael more and more. 

Hearing that he was the younger brother of the Devil King Sirzechs, the Nephew-In-Law of Ajuka, Lover of Serafall, and a friend of Falbium and Azazel meant he had considerable political leverage on top of his power. 

Because of him, Grigori, Devils, Werewolves, and even a major Cultivator Sect of China entered a quadruple alliance. These closer alliances began to attract the wider Supernatural world's attention because Romonus planned to gather more alliances before starting his wars. 

That was the political side, but as for himself, a few events had occurred. Azazel finally delivered the Time Chamber, which Ajuka and Azazel made in unison. They had put all their genius into it and installed it in Romonus' Mansion. 

The Chamber had a few limits, but every day in the real world was one year inside. The gravity inside could be moved from 10 to 1,000 times normal gravity. They didn't make the time faster because they didn't want Romonus to start aging by decades. 

They also recommended that he give himself at least three months between each use to allow his sense of time to get warped. He followed their advice and used it more sparingly to avoid becoming super old. 

He didn't want to become 80 and have to have kids too soon after all. Over the next three years, he used the time chamber sparingly with his harem and Peerage. During that time, he had only used it five times. 

He had gained five years of extra training on top of the three regular years he had aged, meaning he was no longer 13. He was now 21 years old. He had taken Rias with him so as not to lose their twin status, meaning that Romonus, his Peerage, and his harem had all aged eight years.

That time had gone by quickly, and they had all gotten leagues stronger than before. Romonus, in particular, because he had further mastered his bloodline abilities. He had gained new skills from his Werewolf and Vampire side, amplified by his main Sparda bloodline. 

As for the actual three years out of the Time Chamber, they had not been wasted.