The Ice-Cold Executive Gets A Wife Book

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The Ice-Cold Executive Gets A Wife


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In a dark room, a handsome man, with a jawline to die for, was down on both his knees. On both sides of the man's strong and narrow waist, two slender legs hung weakly. With a fit body, the man completely enveloped the woman within him. Every time he moved, he was unrestrained and his bulging muscles expanded, bringing the woman to a high she’d never experienced. After that night, Sophia realized she was pregnant. She panicked. After all, she never had any sexual experiences. She thought of that night when she was drunk at a party, but she couldn't recall who the baby's father was. Was it the playboy, Norman, who looked like Leonardo DiCaprio? Or was it the smart and handsome, yet serious-looking Felix? Perhaps it was Claude, a popular figure in school with a muscular body, six-packs, and an athletic figure? With the help of her good friend Olivia and Anita, they arranged a meeting with the suspected “fathers” at the villa where they had sex that night. When Sophia expressed that she would keep the child, their reactions were completely different. Yet, why was it that the sharp-tongued man, who called the shots at Wall Street, a man who never stopped mocking her to suddenly show concern and care for her?