The Hunter That Returned From Hell
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The Hunter That Returned From Hell


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What is The Hunter That Returned From Hell

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18 years old Yi Kang-Ho's life was perfect until he was sucked into a portal which transported to a Hell like world. In this world he had fight creatures, monsters, demons. He risked his life for 400 years and one faithful day he managed to somehow escape the Hell and came back to earth but even after spending 400 years there only 2 years had gone by on Earth. Earth was totally different from before dungeons appeared everywhere, Hunters became the new government of the new world and the world became dog eat dog world. Follow the journey of Kang-Ho in this new world filled with adventures. ............................................................................... Support author- Patreon.com/Rish_madara https://paypal.me/MadaraNovel Get to read unreleased chapters by supporting me on Patreon https://discord.gg/5DaxsJG also you can join our discord for disscussion over the novel ------------------------------------------------------------------- The cover does not belong to me the credit goes to creator if creator wants me to remove it please contact me.

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I read 80 chapters and I can say this novel has a lot room for improvement. For beginning... Let's start with MC, he spent 400 years in hell... I guess it killed most of his brain cells. Zero research about 'hunter' actions before becoming one. If not plot armor, his stupidity would kill his family. Writing quality needs some editing. Some typpos here and there. Some sentences are quiete broken. WQ - 3 stars. You should consider editing your story before putting it before pay wall. None likes paying for being proof reader... SU - 4 stars. Story dev. - 3 stars. It's okay... Ruthless protagonist trying to improve his family situation and acts like wuxia protagonist killing random guy son. Blah blah blah. It could be avoided with some brains. Character design - 2 stars. It's probably weakest side of this story. Most of characters are cliché or bland. World background - 4 stars. Currently it feels like default Korean novel. This rating might improve if you make things better later in story. This review is based on free chapters. Maybe, you started to put more effort after getting contracted. I will visit later... No money for spirit stones and run out of passes. I hope this story improves. Good luck.


As the first real reader review i shall tell you the person who is reading this because you want to know about the book to read the book because, it is a good story, so stop reading this and read the book.


Reveal spoiler


The number of angry 80-year-olds is much lower than the number of angry under 30-year-olds. In all theory, a 418-year-old should be a very patient person. Likewise, if you spend 400 years in "hell" and you lean on something that you don't have, and which gradually becomes a mirage, a distant memory (Like a family) you become crazy to a fairly high speed. I always thought that the novel where the goal of the mc was something passive (here "to protect his family") the novel could only be boring. Just watch all the best anime, imagine if naruto didn't want to be Hokage, if Gon (HxH) didn't want to find his father, if Songoku didn't want to fight powerful opponents, if Light didn't want to kill all the criminals... A goal is at least half of a character, if he doesn't have one then it's a half empty character. In short, let's talk more concrete, the main character could be interesting if he had the will to do something. The world is basic and nothing special. The secondary characters are at least as boring as the protagonist. the writing quality is rather good if we forget the fact that the author does not proofread. the rhythm of the chapters is good.


this novel was taken from somewhere else, I remember starting to read it a few years back but dropped it for being too tedious to read, I don't know if it's a stolen novel or a repost cuz I couldn't care less


Reading this is a chore. The author describe every unnecessary details, it's tiring. The plot and idea is decent, but the execution is poor.


Im currently about 80 chapters in and it feels like the writing quality has gone down a bit after each chapter. Writing quality - 2 -Pretty lackluster, overall "its in english" but the wording could be chosen better to create a smoother sentance. At multiple points the sentences will jar to a stop or end up be missing key words to make it flow right. Story Development - 3 -it doesnt seem like theres much of a plan at all, except "protect family. kill enemy." and whatever story is there feels patched together. Character Design - 2 -Not much to say there, typical OP MC that really is too dumb for his own good and is OP just to be OP. updating stability - 2 - none listed / week. granted there was a new update ~14hrs before posting this. Maybe it'll look up from here. World background- Legit feels like a ripoff of solo levelling meets latna: survival of a sword king. Overall i wouldnt say avoid this, but veteran readers be warned: this is a bit rough. Maybe it'll improve in the future, and if it does ill come back and edit this.


@ chapter 80 It;s pretty common, really. Mc stayed in hell for 400years and now he's prone to anger and beast-like and he's extremely overpowered, for some reason his experience allows him to kill around 300 people without a problem Most of the story goes like this: Someone insults Mc's family or show some killing intent > Massacre > Few dungeons to get the level required for the next battle>> Someone else wants to kill his family >>> Another massacre


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really bad grammar, not creative at all... why the hell is this so high rated??? I am pretty sure there should be better stuff in the top 20???


This is the first time reading a magical Realism genre...The synopsis looks quite interesting and I read the first chapters which I liked so far...I will read further chapters when I get free time...The author's writing style is well written...Definitely recommended book...Excellent work, Author! Kudos!


Author's shameless review here. 1) This is a novel where magic exist so don't try to force your common sense here, that being said if there are situation that you don't understand, don't worry everything will be explained when time comes.


the grammar doesn't bother me, its more of the redundant word usage, I understand what the writer trying to do. overall, its very promising, stopped at 50, going to let it build some more before continuing to read author, if one thing I can point out, you mentioned HP and the fights seem smooth, but its hard to grasp the idea of one hit kill, when damage is suppose to be fixated, or does it only apply when they are in the dungeon maybe make a side chapter covering this information, like key notes or something thanks


seems interesting enough so far. so far it's reminding me a lot of the lucifer system novel. i haven't read far enough yet though, so i don't know if that changes and it becomes unique. as for the writing quality, the english is very bad but it's still understandable. all in all, not a bad novel, reminiscent of the lucifer system novel. has potential


Quite an interesting story. The protagonist seems to be in quite a tight spot having to risk his life all the time. Interesting to see his adventures in what he calls hell.


Very interesting book. It is very interesting and deep. Liked the way the author stitched the story together with a lot of interesting and magical stuff. This is one of my favorite book so far. Good luck author


If it continues on the same path this book will become very good. I just hope he takes care of everything so his family is safe. Then just become an absolute demon.


great story great mc great battles not so great writing quality with lots of wrong words ana gramma but it dose not affect how good the story and fights are


Is there gonna be more chapters.. It is added in my pending list as i think the writer as dropped it. 3 stars as I haven't read it yet. Do let me know.


My poor braincells, my poor eyes, my poor head, the headache ..................................... Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, screw minimum word review


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