The Hellwalker in Remnant Book

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The Hellwalker in Remnant


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After the defeat of The Icon of Sin, we can follow Slayer's path, as he walked into the portal that was about to led him to The Fortress of Doom, but something went wrong with the portal and suddenly he finds himself in Remnant, where he must face all kinds of danger, to save the people there, guided by his anger and vengeance... But do not worry. Luckly there's Slayers great, and totally not annoying companion... Dr. Samuel Hayden. ----------------------------- All rights reserved to the creator of DOOM and RWBY. This will be my first story/crossover that I wrote in wattpad first, but also there in Webnovel. I'm not very good at english, cuz' that's not my native language, if you don't understand some of my sentences, or phrases I use, that would be the reason. I hope you all enjoy it anyway. :D


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