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The Gamer's System


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What is The Gamer's System

The Gamer's System is a popular web novel written by the author Campoccino, covering SYSTEM, LEVEL-SYSTEM, REINCARNATION, ADVENTURE, ACTION, COMEDY, LEVEL-UP, SWORD-AND-MAGIC, SLOW-PROGRESS-NOVEL, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 1.5M readers with an average rating of 4.8/5 and 31 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 118 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


On earth, there is one man who ruled every game that has ever been created - Zeke Elwood. A high school dropout turned gamer who has lived the rest of his life playing every kind of game. His fame increased like wildfire as he'd always prove to be the strongest, using the most unconventional methods. Life on earth became boring for him at this point until - an unknown game developer sent him the game called "Mythos". This sent him to another world, clearing a trial created by the three major gods and, getting chosen as their new champion. With all that took place, Zeke is given a [Gamer's System]. One which he'll use to beat all the records set by the humans who have been chosen before him.


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Hey guys! Author here! This self-review will serve as a guide for everyone who wishes to begin reading the novel: 1. Writing Quality - I've gotten a lot of comments on changing from past to present tense. I agree that I do not have a perfect grammar sense, and I thank every reader who has been generous enough to point out my mistakes.😌 However on some parts the use of present tense is intended to show that, the thing being shown or stated is still there. This means that if I say something like: The King is the mightiest warrior, it means that he still is. 2. Stability of Updates - Chapters will be added daily and in this specific sequence: 2.a. Weekends - 1 Chapter 2.b. Monday and Friday - 2 Chapters 2.c. Tuesday - Thursday - 3 Chapters. I would sometimes go above the number of chapters added daily. But that's only if I'm in a good writing mood. 😅 3. The story is basically slow pacing. Other information on the story development are as follows: 3.a. Fights- The main character (along with the subordinates) will always struggle in fights instead of just outright overpowering the opponents. Even on fights where the mc has the upper hand, he'll still have a plan prepared. This is because, I don't want to create a main character who plows down opponents just because he's buffed. Although some of his strategies may be questionable, that is part of him being human. If there aren't any mistakes then he won't be human anymore. Oh and don't argue that he's smart. There's a difference between being smart and being omniscient.😉 3.b. Romance - None of the sort will appear for the mc anytime soon. I want him to develop as he is without any outside forces such as courting and romance to influence his growth. There may be hints along the story but, I don't plan on giving him a female counterpart until he becomes a perfectly balanced character. 3.c. Flashbacks - this is a personal preference of mine because I want to introduce new characters properly without having them actually say anything about themselves. Thus, I made a concept which is [Memory Piece] which serves as a playback for characters and some mysteries shrouding them. 4. Character Design - I've tried my best in making a well rounded main character. Again, let me point out that he is human and as such, he will make a lot of human - like decisions. But most of the time, he is calm and collected with his ideas. The main character also uses the knowledge he acquired on earth in order to benefit his missions on Mythos. Other characters will also have their fair share of development as I've put the story on Third Person PoV. This means that I can place as many expositions as I want even if the main character has no knowledge of these things. Plus, this makes it possible to show the thoughts of other characters which adds in the understanding of what kind of persons/gods they are. 5. World Background - I've actually put some details on the background at the beginning of the novel. Other things however will be explained as the story progresses. Note: Thank you for taking time in reading my novel. I know that there are a bunch of things I can still improve on and I try to do those everyday. If you hate it, or if the story is distasteful for you, there's nothing I can do about that. I can only improve as the story goes along and, if you choose to drop it without seeing the actual progress then I can only thank you for taking your time reading. Thank you everyone!


You know what's so great about this story? Every named character gets so much development on theeeem! Usually it's only the main character who becomes the focus but here, everyone gets an equal amount of chance to shine. Loyal reader here.


Very well written so far, it has a "I solo level up" isekai feel which you will understand once you get to chapter 13, fight scenes are good anddont bore the reader. Looking forward to how it progresses :)


This is written really well and actually uses the mc's previous life skills. And also the first rewrite that I have seen that actually FCKING change things for the better. Overall its very well written and a nice read


idk this novel has a great potential but the story has many blank page and too fast paced i hope the creator will pay attention to this issue


Amazing story, kept me reading for hours on end just to see what happened next, quite disappointed that it ended where it did but will definitely read more once it finally released.


As of chapter 44, "The Gamer's System" is akready leaps and bounds above most new novels. There's a large variety of reasons I say this, but firstly the grammer. It has decent grammer, and mistakes are at least consistent in what kind they are. The Synopsis is the only inaccurate thing in this novel. It says that Zeke, our MC for this novel, angered the gods, but that is false, it's not a 'revenge against the gods' type story. It's more of a 'MC is doing what the gods want?! How weird!' Kind of story. All in all it's good so far. I don't know how well this novel's realease actually is, as I only found it yesterday, but, if it is at least once per week, that would be fine.


I have had a remarkable time reading this and I can't wait to see what comes next. "The Gamer's System" has been written by one of many authors that are truly worthy of praise!


Surprised to see how well written. I will be voting for this constantly to get it more notice hopefully he gets premium deal! To the author thank you for the work keep it coming


This story is not only really well written but also contains a great storyline that hold many twists and turns. It is definitely worth a read.


It’s my first novel so I don’t know.But it’s a great novel.It also got me hooked.There sometimes some mistakes in spellings or grammar but I can understand what it actually meant so that’s not a big deal and I completely recommend to read It .


It has a decent start that’s going somewhere. Only problemS are within the grammar. Some sentences had minor problems. The big problem however is that the Author mixes up his past and present tense. This honestly puts me off as someone who grew up with English and it might affect my writing if i get into so imma stop reading. My advice is to get software like grammarly or just get an editor but this is the author’s story so he can do whatever he wants. Maybe in the future, I’ll come back to this.


Hi Author, I love the story it's very fascinating. I hope the grammar lapses gets fixed and no it's not just changing tenses but also point of view. e.g; when the main character is talking about himself as a 3rd persons point of view.


Surprisingly good great writing I saw nothing to complain about Very good character development and the story is not too wrapped up in my point of view


I have read quite a few system books and this is one of my favourites. The character is not seriously overpowered.He finds solution to his problem by using his wit and cunning mind. Lastly the history of the world and plot is very interesting.


This book Is really good om gLad the author made It he puts a lot of time and effort Into eachchaPter this is obvious as you cqn tell how mich effort yhis requires


Absolutely brilliant great detail through out. some spelling mIstakes from predictive typing. but a really Good read, You should give it a go. also The Devils Son Is a very good read also.


Great work,although I notice some lapses over the story but it did not totally compromised in whole. I do like that the author made an instance that the mc needs to grind first in order to be on par with the villains. I am cheering for the author and hope to read more!


it's a good story! I thoroughly enjoyed it! hopefully this series gets big. really sad that it's monitized and so expensive per chapter now though


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