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What is The forgotten demigod

Read The forgotten demigod novel written by the author Valence_Wr on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, r18, magic, weaktostrong, dark. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The Nothingness, a universe fated to an endless cycle of destruction and creation. The first being born in that universe, The First One gave birth to the life on the universe. Time passed. An all out war fell upon the universe. The ones below The First One battled each other and countless lives were lost. The First one and two of the remaining beings swore a vow: No more killing, no more creation. Countless years later, twelve gods have the duty to oversee the universe. One of the gods is carrying a child, and that child is fated to bring the destruction to the universe once more. Reincarnated in the Ayon planet with an elf body, the story of the Forgotten Demigod starts. ======================================= Release schedule: 2 chapters/week Chapters are always being revised: last revised-chapter 9.2 ======================================= Also being published on Tapas! https://tapas.io/series/The-forgotten-demigod ======================================= Tradução/Tranlastion PTBR: https://vulcannovel.com.br/sde-o-semi-deus-esquecido/ ======================================= My social media: Twitter: @ValenceWR Discord ID: ValenceWR#9975


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Oh, another novel that out of nowhere gets 5 * and power stones. I don't blame you actually. Most of the top ranking novels use bots, so I blame the shi .. tty system that WN has. At any rate, I just opened the last chapter and I'll give you 5* too. An advice: If I were you, I would quit WN and would start releasing it on your on. I saw that you have a patreon, so if I were you, publish it there, not on this garbage. Best regards, the butcher.


I like your writing style. Two things: The mc has all the memories of his mother or she 'imprinted' some knowledge on his head? And two, almost every name have a hidden meaning or its just a coincidence? For example Kall Sol: Kall= Kali, hindu goddess who is considered to be the master of death, time and change. It says that the mc will bring destruction and change to the cycle. And Sol= Ra, the god of egipt, that means sun, creator of everything. So, I assume that the mc will have the power of creation or life or something like that too? Anyway, the story seems good and original enouth, so please don't make it a harem or a murder hobo.


So, I saw your novel on Writing Oasis and gave it a try. It's awesome! Elf mc, slavery, love it! Also, Belladona is, by any chance, something like a cursed child? I'm super excited for her backstory! Keep up with the good work!


I did some quick reading and I enjoyed it a lot. The MC being an elf is one of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much. Like, long black straight hair, purple eyes and a fit body? I NEED AN IMAGE OF HIM, NOW!


SO, in depth review time. Writing 4.7 / 5 The author don't has english as his main language for sure, so I could say that it's pretty good. There isn't any grotesque grammar error so far. Updates 5 / 5 It say at least two chapters a week, and he uploads more. Story development 4.8 / 5 I've read up to the chapter 12.3 (Lastest chapter atm) And thus, I'm satisfied with the curse of it. The MC isn't overpowered, and from what i've read, he is kinda weak actually. (I personally like weak and smart characters, so my judgment might be emotional rather than punctual. Character design 5 / 5 There isn't many info about the npc characters so far, but there is plenty of time for the author to explore it. I hope he do so. free 5 stars. World background 5 / 5 It seems like 'world' isn't a single planet or galaxy, but numerous universes. It is similar to cultivation novels, so more or less there isn't much information about it so far. At any rate, Ayon was a game that I loved back then, so you won me there. another free 5 stars Conclusion: Is it worth reading? Yeah, pretty much. Will you like it right on the beggining? Probably not. It takes a while to become interesting, probably because the author was learning how to write/Didn't knew what to write. At any rate, this is a lit 4.8 / 5. Hope our MC destroy the Temple asap. Have a nice reading, later!


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A fast and enjoyable read. I hope that he kills everyone later on. Keep up with the good work! Amazing book and i waiting for more. Thanks for this


Props to the autor for revising the chapters gramar. The writing was bad, then average and now its good. The plot seem original and more or less a fast read 10-15 min per chapter. A really good novel. I hope that you dont quit writing, becuz this have a great potential.




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