The Fate of the Cursed Alpha Female Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Fate of the Cursed Alpha Female


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"I promise, I will come back." ***** Born as a first-ever future alpha female to a cursed pack, Dark River Pack. Cassie Harrington has to go on a quest to ensure her pack’s survival. No matter how Alpha Harrington, his Luna, and the pack thought it was unfair. CASSIE HARRINGTON MUST GO! Dark River Pack was a pack like no other, it was cursed, but its fate depended on the future alpha female. The year when the current alpha, Alpha Rowan Harrington transformed and had to go on the quest, the pack wasn’t as scared as much as when Cassie did, they wouldn’t believe their fate laid in the hands of a mere teenager who was a female. *** With every step, she took, with every place she arrived hoping it was where the answers lie, finding no answer. Cassie Harrington was on the verge of losing hope, but she continued as she realized the fate of everyone she loves and Dark River Pack lies on her hands. With every difficult situation she encountered, every enormity she faced, and even her best friend dying in front of her face. Cassie Harrington carried on. *** How did Dark River Pack become a cursed pack? What happens when she comes near a pack where a strong force pulls her towards it? And by how the moon goddess loved surprising Cassie Harrington, what will she do when she meets the last person she ever thought of meeting, alpha Reid Stanton of Red Moon Pack? As she is on her quest, what is going on in Dark River Pack? Would CASSIE HARRINGTON accomplish her mission and go back to her home, Dark River Pack and become the ALPHA? *** OTHER WORKS: THE DROWNING ALPHA BRENDA: MY SHINING LOVER IN THE MIND OF CEO ARMANDO'S TEMPTRESS Photo not mine, will take down if the owner requests.


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