The fate of mermaid Book

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The fate of mermaid


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A mermaid (melissa)and the prince love wants to win the fate and they want to be together. As saying goes, every being has seven births. But in every life their love thirsts to win the fate, but the fate is the best gamer it brings them together at first and they cant be together at last. So, to win the fate and by solving all the problems they want to be together. But their fate will separate them in every life, will they be together in their seventh life birth? NOTE: Im really sorry ,there is a small mistake while publishing the chapter love at 1st sight is wrongly published in vol 2 . im sorry plz read it carefully without any confusion.(1.the fate of mermaid 2. love at first sight part 1 3.love at first sight part 2 4.Melissa in new world)


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