The Fat God System Book

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The Fat God System


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Please check out my new book Gods&Myths Disciple ————————————————— “FAT GOD SYSTEM ACTIVATED USING EXCESS FAT AS MANA......” Hugh’s body suddenly started to convulse and constrict. He felt pain all over his body as his muscles started to spasm and his skin started to shrink. Sweat started to drip all over his body and onto his shirt. The pain was so intolerable that he fainted. Once he awoke, he finds that his body has now become fit and healthy. His muscles were defined and his jawline became sharp. His previous black hair had now become white. He could feel the power coursing through his body. “1 minute until the body has no more fat and loses all power. Warning! Please eat more food to maintain your transformation.” —————— Humanity has explored the Milky Way and now wants to conquer other galaxies. After meeting a strange intelligent life form called ‘Baras’, humanity regressed back into the solar system and other neighboring systems near Earth. Those that explored other galaxies brought with them knowledge and mysterious items that suddenly brought forth dungeons, mysterious forests, mutated animals, and a new power in humans. Desire. Hugh is a poor and obese 17 year old who doesn’t have the riches and talent to unlock his Desire. He is very smart though, that’s why he enrolled in a prestigious academy that fosters new talent whether they have Desire or not. Updates daily after my finals I especially commissioned a portrait of Hugh in his transformation. That is him on the cover. If you are on mobile, pull down to see him in HD.


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