17 Forbidden Cultivation Technique

Yun Mingyue carried Xue Ji up the stairs leading to the second floor. The second floor was a place that only the higher-ups of the sect were allowed to enter. Ordinary students or foreigners are prohibited from entering there.

When Xue Ji arrived on the second floor, she saw that there were five stone platforms arranged in such a way. One platform with the largest size is placed in the center, while the other four platforms form a circle around the large platform.

All of the platforms seemed to be enveloped in soft light. On top of the platforms were bamboo tubes floating in the air. Someone who saw it would be able to feel that the bamboo tubes held something extraordinary.

Xue Ji stepped closer to the platforms. However, after a few steps, she stopped. There was an invisible wall blocking her way. It was certain that this place was protected by a special formation.

"I'll open it first." Yun Mingyue stepped forward. The woman nimbly gathered the spiritual qi in her hands. A ray of bright light immediately enveloped her two slender hands.

Yun Mingyue placed both of her palms on the formation wall. A soft 'buzz' sounded, then the transparent wall disappeared. The protective formation has been deactivated.

"Young Lady, that sealed cultivation technique is in the middle. While the four platforms surrounding it contain high-grade martial techniques." Yun Mingyue explained. "We can open those martial techniques, but we absolutely cannot open the cultivation techniques that are sealed in the middle."

After hearing that, Xue Ji stepped into the fifth circle of the platform. She observed the bamboo tubes floating in the air. The beams of the platforms only reached her stomach, while the floating bamboo tubes seemed to be level with her chest.

She picked up one of the bamboo tubes without finding any problems, then slowly opened it. Inside the bamboo tube, is a roll of bamboo slips tied with hemp rope.

After the bamboo slip was opened, a note regarding martial techniques could be seen written on it. It was the Divine Thunder Sword Technique which was the highest sword technique in the sect.

In the past, Xue Ji had mastered that technique, but now she had forgotten a bit. Reading the notes there made her remember the technique again. Then she returned the note to the bamboo tube.

Her attention turned to another bamboo tube. She began to open them one by one and discovered other martial techniques that she had learned in the past. That way she only skimmed through it before finally putting it back in its place.

"Young Lady, did you find anything?" Yun Mingyue asked carefully.

"Is there someone who has mastered these four martial techniques?" Xue Ji asked back.

Then Yun Mingyue shook her head. "These four martial techniques are high-level techniques that are difficult to understand and there are also conflicting characteristics of martial techniques. Examples are the Yin Sword Technique and the Yang Spear Technique. One cannot possibly study both at the same time."

Xue Ji snorted mockingly. "Not impossible. It's you guys who don't try hard," she said without holding back.

Yun Mingyue who heard those words felt like crying. She had put a lot of effort into understanding those martial techniques. She even had internal injuries from overexerting herself. Unfortunately, after trying that much she still couldn't get the hang of it all.

This is not the only thing that happened to her. The elders, not even the sect master were successful. Finally, she concluded, it might indeed be impossible to learn all those martial techniques.

"Feng Lian has uniquely sealed this cultivation technique," Xue Ji said. "One must be able to master all four martial techniques to break the seal."

She then reached out her hand, taking out a cultivation technique tube that was enveloped in soft light. The canister could be retrieved so easily, without even using such great spiritual power.

Yun Mingyue who saw that was immediately shocked. How could it be?

For years the elders had been figuring out how to unseal that cultivation technique. They have tried various methods. They were even forced to break the seal with destructive power.

Unfortunately, neither way works! How could Xue Ji take it out with just her bare hands?

Yun Mingyue suddenly felt like the entire sect elder had been toyed with by their ancestors. She didn't know whether to cry or laugh. It was really unexpected.

"Young Lady Xue, does that mean you have mastered all four of these martial techniques?" Yun Mingyue asked carefully so as not to offend the old monster.

Xue Ji did not reply to Yun Mingyue's question. She only focused on the bamboo tube in her hand. The lid of the bamboo tube was opened, then a roll of bamboo slip was taken out of it.

She read the contents carefully. A smirk suddenly appeared on her lips. Her eyes flashed with a certain light. This was the cultivation technique she was looking for.

The Seven Dark Stars Technique was a cultivation technique that she had practiced in the past. Many people assumed it was a forbidden technique because the spiritual qi it generated was black.

In this world, anyone who practiced the Seven Dark Stars cultivation technique would be considered a heretic or an evil person. They are considered to be adherents of demonic arts.

As time went on, the existence of the Seven Dark Stars technique became less and less. People stay away from that forbidden technique, many of the younger generations are not even aware of its existence.

Four hundred years ago, before Xue Ji disappeared, there were still quite a few people practicing the Seven Dark Stars technique. However, now that technique had completely disappeared. Maybe only certain people are secretly keeping it.

Xue Ji didn't know that fact. However, even if she knew it, she would still practice the technique. The reason was that she already knew the ins and outs.

The Seven Dark Stars Technique was an extremely powerful cultivation technique. If it were studied to the core, it could rival the Nine Lights technique that was only practiced by the Gods.

"Young Lady, may I have to look at it?" Yun Mingyue asked suddenly. She was curious as to what kind of cultivation technique their ancestors had sealed.

Xue Ji looked at her with a sweet smile. She showed the bamboo slip to Yun Mingyue. She sincerely asked, "Are you going to give it a try?"

Yun Mingyue's face instantly paled after seeing the note written on the bamboo slip. She looked at Xue Ji in fear. "Young Lady, this… this… forbidden technique! You can't try it!"

Xue Ji snorted coldly. She rolled up the bamboo slip and put it back into the bamboo tube. After that, she immediately took it towards the stairs.

"If you don't want to, then I'll just do it. No one has the right to stop me."

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