Wang Yuheng (Part 2)

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Jiangbei University, Male Dormitory E2.

Here, the atmosphere was extremely heavy.

There was a crowd here, and most of them were students who had been attracted by the commotion.

At the center of the crowd, Auntie Zhang was holding the injured Wang Yuheng as she sat at the edge of a flower bed, trembling.

Her heart ached!

Wang Yuheng had always been her pride and joy. He had good grades and had always been responsible and sensible since he was young. It was not easy for him to get into the best university in River City, but he had made her proud! 

However, her son now had her hand broken by this group of b*stards!

Furthermore, these people were colluding with the campus administrators, and she could not even call an ambulance to come. They were not allowed to leave either. 

Uncle Wang held a stick in his hand and stood in front of Wang Yuheng and his wife, protecting his wife and son stubbornly!