Wang Yuheng (Part 1)

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Ye Chen was unaware of what had happened to Xia Ruoxue, and was smoking another cigarette on the balcony when he heard Sun Yi calling them.

"I'm done. Who's going to wash up next?"

Sun Yi was wearing pajamas, and her hair was a little wet. When she walked to her room, she realized that Xia Ruoxue was inside, and asked her if she wanted to shower next.

Xia Ruoxue replied in a hoarse voice that she was not feeling well and would take a shower later, so Sun Yi looked at Ye Chen and said, "Looks like you're up next. Remember to leave some hot water for Ruoxue to use."

Ye Chen nodded, then took a change of clothes from his room and headed to the bathroom.

At that moment, Sun Yi received a call.

To her surprise, the call was from Auntie Zhang. The last time she had gone there to eat with Ye Chen, she had left the old couple her number. 

That being said, why did Auntie Zhang call her?

"Hello? Auntie Zhang..."

A minute later…