Ye Chen hugged Sun Yii and was about to speak when he heard a cough.

Jiang Rong came out with the dishes, but only glanced at them and then went back to the kitchen, pretending not to have seen them.

Sun Yi quickly extricated herself from Ye Chen's grasp and said coquettishly, "It's all your fault!"

Ye Chen rubbed his nose and glanced at the living room. He asked curiously, "Ruoxue didn't come back with you?"

"If Ruoxue knew that you were back, she would definitely have rushed back," Sun Yi explained hurriedly, "However, she's not in Huaxia now."

"Recently, the Heavenly Justice Group has been expanding their market internationally. Something has happened in Ruby Nation and they need someone in charge to negotiate. Ruoxue took a flight there this morning. She'll probably only be back once that matter is settled."

Now, the Heavenly Justice Group was not of much use to Ye Chen.