Eliminate Everyone!

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This scene made the remaining experts kneel down one after another, not daring to speak at all.

The sect master swept his gaze across everyone and said coldly, "Our Dao Sect has existed since ancient times. No one is a threat to us."

"Since the rumors about Ye Shitian are so terrifying, I order you to find him! Bring him back to Dao Sect!"

"If I don't see Ye Shitian within a month, all of you will have to come and see me to face the consequences!"

Hearing this order, everyone's heart turned cold.

They did not want to offend Ye Shitian, but it seemed like they had no choice.

"Yes, Sect Master!"

The sect master nodded. After which, he said, "Other than Ye Shitian, did anything else significant happen during the few months I was in seclusion?"

The group was silent.

Suddenly, an old man with a goatee stood up and cupped his hands. "Sect Master, there is something related to you."