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The woman's threat made it obvious that Ghost Prison did not take Xiang Chengdong or the Medicine Alliance seriously at all.

After that, the call ended abruptly, leaving Ye Chen and Xiang Chengdong staring at each other.

"Mr. Ye, Ghost Prison is not as simple as you think. To be precise, it doesn't belong to Huaxia's martial arts world. This is also the reason why I advise you not to barge in."

"You heard the other party's tone just now. Although the Medicine Alliance possesses some status and strength in Huaxia's martial arts world, it's really nothing in their eyes."

Ye Chen ignored Xiang Chengdong and opened the car door and got out while muttering, "The day after tomorrow at midnight, at Yunhe Lake in the north of the university. I've been waiting for this day!"

Xiang Chengdong watched Ye Chen's departing figure through the car window and recalled the scene he had witnessed in the alchemy room.

That divine lightning was so terrifying!