"I don't have a car."

This was indeed an honest answer. Although he owned the Heavenly Justice Group and had long since lost count of the amount of money in his bank account, he had never bothered to buy a car.

Cultivators wanted to ride a flying sword, not a car.

Moreover, Xiao Deng had always been with him when he was in Jiangnan Province, so he had never needed to worry about driving himself around.

From Ye Chen's perspective, it was just a casual remark, but from the perspective of the others, it had a different meaning.

Other than Wei Ying, the other women seemed to have suddenly lost interest in Ye Chen.

In their opinion, Ye Chen could not even afford a car and did not wear any branded clothes. This kind of person was probably a bookworm.

So what if he was a genius? So what if he was a professor?